Don't Pop Into Fortnum & Mason for Ricky Gervais' 50th Birthday Gift
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Don’t Pop Into Fortnum & Mason for Ricky Gervais’ 50th Birthday Gift

ricky_gervaisIf you’re wondering what to buy Ricky Gervais for his upcoming 50th birthday on 25 June, you’d better steer clear of anything from Fortnum & Mason! The comedian set aside his well-honed sense of humour to pen a deadly serious letter on PETA’s behalf to F&M head Beverley Aspinall calling the department store out for its sale of cruelly produced foie gras.

Gervais isn’t the only public figure to team up with PETA to speak out against Fortnum & Mason’s continued sale of foie gras. Other supporters of PETA’s campaign include campaign leader Sir Roger Moore as well as Twiggy, Jenny Seagrove, Carley Stenson, Peter Egan, Owain Yeoman, and the Duchess of Hamilton – all of whom have appealed to F&M to have a heart and take this “torture in a tin” off the shelves.

Join compassionate people around the world in calling on Fortnum & Mason to drop this ‘torture in a tin’.

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  1. avatar Miranda says:

    Boycott Fortnum and Mason and other vile shops like Harrods until they stop selling fois gras.

    Shame on them.

  2. avatar LINDA VINGIANO says:


  3. avatar Rob Levy says:

    Only the cruel and dimwitted would manufacture foie gras ,only talentless chefs would dish up foie gras..only the corpulent and idiotic who lack self respect would eat it.

  4. avatar Brandon says:

    Foie gra is delicious. I especially love The fresh liver cooked with a little caramelised pear.

  5. avatar dionne carey says:

    No one is denying that it may taste good, but as human beings with higher functioning we are designed to make conscious decisions regarding right and wrong, foise gras clearly wrong.

  6. avatar Chris Blakely says:

    Brandon, how would you like a metal tube stuck down your throat and kilos of stomach busting goo pumped into your pitifil stomach several times a day til your whole digestive system packs up? Maybe you might be lucky enough to experience it in your next life time buddy….make the most of good times, you clearly are a man of the world

  7. avatar Stevie lloyd says:

    Brandon ha ha what a funny man you must be! I would love the job of sticking the metal tube down tour throat to give you a a nice fat liver perhaps I could cook it with a few fava beans and a nice chianti.

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