Ann Widdecombe Backs PETA's Calls for a Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses
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Ann Widdecombe Backs PETA’s Calls for a Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses

Former conservative minister Ann Widdecombe is backing PETA’s campaign for a ban on wild animals in circuses and is encouraging the public to urge the government to take action. In a parliamentary debate held Thursday, 23 June, MPs backed a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, leaving the ball in the government’s court.

“The time has finally come for Britain to end the barbaric spectacle of forcing wild animals to perform demeaning and often painful tricks in the name of entertainment”, said Ann. “Please show your support by signing PETA’s petition and help to put wild-animal circuses where they belong – in the history books.”

Please join Ann in calling on the government to act upon the direction of Parliament. Contact David Cameron and urge him to listen to Ann and MPs who represent the will of public, and implement an immediate ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

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  1. avatar Hannah says:

    Stop the use of animals in circuses !!!! It’s cruel so unfair on these animals !!!

  2. avatar Becca Sweet says:

    thank you ann on behalf of all past and present circus animals!

  3. avatar Anna says:

    I LOVE U ANN!!

  4. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Guitar master Brian May has vehemently denounced animals in circuses and the political zealots who want to massacre badgers and foxes.

  5. avatar wendy says:

    Thank goodness their are decent human beings like myself, out there. It’a just a big shame that we have to share the planet with the uncaring.selfish, ignorant ones who think animals are for them to torture, kill and be entertained by.

  6. avatar Nicola Mabon says:

    It’s about time we put end to the suffering the animals go through!
    Well done Ann!!

  7. avatar Amber says:

    Get on Anne :D

  8. avatar Freya says:

    :) and about time to ! great news : D

  9. avatar Gina says:

    as a fellow vegan, i have to agree with you. frlknay, there have been many times i’ve hesitated to even admit i was vegan for fear of being identified with the over-the-top craziness. i was crucified, once, on twitter, a couple of years back for admitting that, occasionally, i still consumed my own chickens’ eggs (no rooster, therefore no potential life and i hated to just throw the eggs away) and sometimes, used honey from my own bees. They just don’t seem to realized how off-putting their behaviors are and how many more animals could be saved if they just toned it down a little….

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