PETA Joins Host of Animal Protection Charities Calling on Prime Minister to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses
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PETA Joins Host of Animal Protection Charities Calling on Prime Minister to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

PETA, alongside the majority of UK animal protection organisations, has signed a joint letter to David Cameron calling for him to reverse his decision not to ban wild animals in circuses.

The letter, which can be read in full here, was sent to Mr Cameron in advance of a debate in Parliament scheduled for next Wednesday. The debate has been secured by Labour MP Rob Flello, and MPs from all parties will be in attendance to put pressure on the government to reverse the decision not to implement a ban.

Life for wild animals in the circus often means poor care; chronic health problems; abusive treatment; psychological disorders (characterised by stereotypical behaviour such as pacing, rocking and swaying) and premature death. Travelling circuses by their very nature involve confining animals to cages or boxcars for hours on end as they are carted across the country.  When not confined, the animals are forced to do tricks that are totally unnatural to them through fear of reprisal. The only way to protect these animals from further suffering and to prevent more animals suffering a similar fate is for the government to implement a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

Please contact your MP ahead of Wednesday’s debate and urge your representative to use his or her influence to pressure the government to take action. Animals desperately need your help – please contact your MP today.

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  1. avatar Christine Lloyd-Smith says:

    Hi :]

    I also wrote a letter to David Cameron last week but his too busy living it up in Ibiza at the moment!

    I think, Peta, what you do is amazing!!!!

    Chrissie xxxx

  2. avatar Alice says:

    I am becoming a vegetarian. From now on i am NOT eating meat, EVER AGAIN! and thats because of the wonderful things peta are doing. If we all become vegatarian, vegan or even just purchased free range meat and dolphin friendly fish and free range dairy products, then the companys that miss treat the animals they sell would go down. And David Cameron is STUPID and should ban it! Lets lock him up and force him to do flips, and take him across the country cramped in with other animals, (obviously not the upper class airline seats he takes) and he wouldnt like it.

  3. avatar Hanna zimmer says:

    Thank you PETA – you are doing the best job . I believe in YOU .

  4. avatar ricky says:

    How can a man become prime minister when he cant see that simple things like cruelty to animals is unethical and inhumane the guy used to shoot rabbits as a kid he probably enjoys going to the circus, the biggest circus is the united kingdom with a bunch of clowns running it. animals deserve to be treated fairly just because they have know voice does that makes it right for them to be taken advantage of? some people are so stupid its unbelievable.

    please join my page on facebook and press like it takes literally 2seconds thanks

    lets make a change lets witness a difference!/ricky.against.animal.cruelty

  5. avatar ricky says:

    The united kingdom is the biggest circus its run by a bunch of clowns! how can anyone not see that the use on animals in circuses is unethical and inhumane? animals are forced to do things that arent natural to them just because they have no voice they are taken advantage of. This country is run by old men who probably used to enjoy such actitivities back in the day thats why they see no big deal. Simple as, wild animals are not here for our entertainment purposes.

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  7. avatar Clemmy says:

    Wild animals should live in the wild, not in places where they are treated cruelly and as if they have no feelings! The government need to get their priorities sorted out, as they worry about the most stupid things, and not the real problems. How would they government feel if they were taken away from the family and home, to perform for people to laugh at them on a one night out, family treat and made to do things that are not natural to them? I am a vegetarian and I love what Peta do for animals, you are amazing!

  8. i joing to peta. what a prosesur to join

  9. avatar Sue Hughes says:

    Watch the debate held this morning in Westminster Hall (it stays on the Parliament website for some time) and despair at the ridiculous response given by Defra Minister James Paice. The fact that a ban has cross-party support seems to make no difference nor do the hundreds of letters from the public but we must not give up. The Gov appears to be held to ransom by the European Circus Association who just might want to challenge UK if a ban were in place!! What a laughable situation! A circus association tells the UK Gov how to run the country!!! This wonderful coalition of animal protection groups will be planning the next move and we are all ready to help and support them but in the meantime keep bombarding David Cameron with letters and send copies to your MP. The ADI postcards can still go to MPs. Most of them do support a ban but should there be a debate and vote in the Commons we must make sure the Whips don’t force MPs to act against their conscience.

  10. avatar Victoria Colewood says:

    It really upset me, seeing that poor elephant being cruelly treat. They are such beautiful, intelligent animals, and it’s the typical glossy entertainment on the surface and torture behind the scenes that these kind of people hide behind.

  11. avatar HamsterLady says:

    Got my reply letter from the house of commons today!

    It states that though an outright ban wasn’t implemented they have introduced incredibly strict laws, and circuses ”will need to demonstrate to Government-approved vets that they meet very high welfare standards for each animal before they can be granted licence to keep those animals”.

    Obviously not the best result, but hopefully awkward laws will deter people from keeping animals just because its too much hassle.

  12. avatar Miranda Dane says:

    This is not entertainment – it’s murder!

    Circuses do not need animals for it to be “entertaining”.
    Please call on the Government to ban this cruelty, for the sake of animals and the thousands and thousands of people who don’t want to see this barbarity.
    An example of some of the disgusting cruelty was poor Anne the elephant – don’t let this continue!

  13. avatar Helen Adams says:

    I feel very strongly about all kinds of abuse to animals but this seems one of the most distressing when it is used in the form of ‘entertainment’ for the masses. Hmm masses of idiots more likely.
    I remember vising Dubai a few years ago before the recession and I went on a tour of ‘Dubai Land’ – it was still under construction and there we saw two tigers in a compound, not very large, with unbearable heat. The other tourists were taking pictures etc of the poor trapped animals who just looked so sad and neglected. I came away from the trip feeling extremely angry and upset. With the resession hitting Dubai particularly hard, I often wonder what happened to those beautiful creatures. I just hope they did not suffer.

  14. avatar ricky says:

    this country is moving backwards not forwards as it should, its becoming a joke. despite all the effort of thousands and thousands of people the uk wont ban the use of animals instead they opt for the pathetic and cowardly way out with the use of “strict laws etc” which wont stop circuses using animals because lets be truthful these animals arent going to have an eye kept on them all the time so who knows what goes on most of the time.

    the uk is a circus
    the government is full of clowns
    & david cameron is the ringmaster

  15. avatar pavan kumar saini says:

    Just then, a hand opens the latch, catches the animal by its tail, and pulls it out. The man holds the animal by its hind legs, swings it up in a manner reminiscent of the washer men at the ‘dhobi ghat’ and brings it down on the hard earth with a sickening thud… the impact smashes the animal’s face and perhaps breaks its neck.

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