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Sexy Lettuce Lady and Lad Entice Fair-Goers With Free Food

PETA’s gorgeous Lettuce Lad and Lady were outside Earl’s Court Real Food Festival on Friday giving away meat-free sausage samples to visiting foodies. Judging by the speed at which they were refilling their trays, the vegan treats were a real hit with the crowd, and why not? For those hooked on meat, vegan sausages and other faux meats have all the flavour of your favourite foods, without any of the cruelty.

Every year, more than a billion animals are raised and killed in Britain in conditions that would horrify any compassionate person. … Read more.

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In Memory of Joanne Pullan – Our Dear Friend

Joanne Pullan passed away suddenly on 20 April 2011. She had worked for PETA for almost five years as a Manager of Major Gifts. In her passing we have lost a true and loyal friend; a hard-working, committed, funny and outgoing colleague and office-mate; a compassionate champion for all living beings and a tireless fighter against cruelty to animals.

Jo always opened up her home to animals in need. For many years she shared her home and life with Claude, a lively little dog who sometimes joined her in the PETA office … Read more.

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West End Stars to Fortnum & Mason: ‘Bring the Final Curtain Down’ on Foie Gras

Holding a large banner and signs that resembled a stage curtain and read, “Fortnum & Mason: Bring the Final Curtain Down on Foie Gras”, West End stage stars Jenny Seagrove, Peter Egan, and Carley Stenson joined PETA in a protest outside Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly today. Their point? That while the production of foie gras – the enlarged livers of force-fed geese and ducks – is so cruel it’s banned in the UK, Fortnum & Mason callously refuses to follow the lead of iconic department stores Harvey Nichols and … Read more.

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PETA’s Own Happy Couple ‘Wed’ at Fortnum & Mason to Help Birds

As the nation geared up for the Royal wedding, PETA joined with our friends from Animal Friends Croatia outside Fortnum & Mason to hold a wedding of a slightly different style. Our happy couple were asking customers to say “I don’t” to cruelly produced foie gras!

Fortnum & Mason continue to sell this vile product, which means horrendous suffering for the birds. They are one of the very few remaining retailers who are willing to profit from this inhumane product, one deemed by the British government too cruel to produce in the … Read more.