Activist 'Bunnies' Slam Applications for Cruel and Archaic Rabbit Farms
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  • May

Activist ‘Bunnies’ Slam Applications for Cruel and Archaic Rabbit Farms

Carrying signs that read, “Everybunny Say NO to Factory Farms”, our giant costumed “rabbits” gathered outside the Rushcliffe Borough Council office yesterday to protest against applications for two rabbit farms in Granby and East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.

Modern factory farms are designed to produce as much meat as quickly and cheaply as possible and in the least amount of space. The proposed farms would each house up to 1,100 rabbits who would be kept in wire cages stacked three high inside windowless barns. This unnatural environment – which provides no fresh air or sunlight – can cause extremely painful bone disorders and foot inflammations, and the stressed animals often resort to neurotic, self-harming behaviour.

If the Rushcliffe Borough Council can come up with one good reason to allow two factory farms to set up their bloody business in our backyard, we’re all ears.  The truth is, Britain hasn’t seen intensive factory farms for rabbits in 15 years, and it defies all logic and compassion to bring this gruesome industry back again.

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  1. This is disgusting.

    No animals’ suffering will go unnoticed.

  2. Greed instills evil. Don’t close your eyes to cruelty, it might even catch up with you one day. Think about little creatures that can do nothing to help themselves. Please don’t be turned on by this! Please remember that life is far more powerful than you and it can twist and turn against you at any time. Don’t be cruel to the vunerable. Remember what Jesus said about the meek and mild inheriting the earth and Jesus is usually right. If there is sucha thing as reincarnation and you came back as a black in an underdevelopes world how would you do? Don’t think about the now, think about the future. At least please try to.
    Thank you

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