Sir Terry Pratchett Is a Hero to Animals
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Sir Terry Pratchett Is a Hero to Animals

Renowned Discworld novelist Sir Terry Pratchett now has another honour to add to his long list of accolades: PETA’s Hero to Animals Award. PETA gave Sir Terry the award after learning that the best-selling author had pledged a £10,000 reward to help find the person who killed 31 swans in Somerset.

Sir Terry was outraged by what he called the “wanton destruction of a living creature”. He added, “People who do this sort of thing to an animal are probably a danger to people as well”. He’s right: people who abuse animals are cowards who take out their issues on the easiest victims they can find, and their targets often include humans. Many murderers, including Steven Barker, Ian Huntley, Thomas Hamilton and others, also tortured and killed animals.

Sir Terry’s generous reward makes a clear statement that cruelty to animals is wrong and society will not tolerate it. Let’s hope that the reward also helps bring the swans’ killer to justice.

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  1. avatar Kate says:

    Just FYI, his name is Sir Terry, not Sir Pratchett. :-)

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    He is a great guy. The vicious person and/or people who killed the majestic swans are evil incarnate.

  3. Three cheers for Terry Pratchett!

    I was just as sickened as Terry Pratchett on hearing this news and very pleased when he come forward to speak out about this. I’ve always been a fan of his books and now he’s gone even further up in my expectations!

  4. avatar dawn says:

    this sick person who did this should be punished but like always will get a slap on the hand its about time this evil things that hurt animals are sent to prison and made to do free work helping animals

  5. “People who do this sort of thing to an animal are probably a danger to people as well”

    This happens everyday when you buying your meat off the shelf you are continuing the

    “wanton destruction of a living creature”.

    Perhaps if your clever enough you might just pick something else off the shelf rather than meat.

    If your wondering I am a vegan.

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