Fortnum & Mason Outshone by PETA's Mass Balloon Giveaway
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Fortnum & Mason Outshone by PETA’s Mass Balloon Giveaway

Shoppers walking past Fortnum & Mason today may have walked away with more than they bargained for. 9 PETA Action Team members from all over the world turned out en masse to hand out 500 balloons that read, “Fortnum & Mason: Drop cruel foie gras”, on one side and had an image of a goose on the other side. The balloons were handed out as part of PETA’s campaign to get the store to join others, such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, in ditching the “torture in a tin”.

The eye-catching event coincided with an Easter egg decorating competition inside Fortnum & Mason’s store. Ironically, while they seem all in favour of Easter chicks, Fortnum & Mason seems cold-hearted towards the millions of goslings who are used in the foie gras industry each year.

Foie gras production is so cruel that all major supermarkets in the UK have refused to stock it, and celebrities such as Sir Roger Moore, Steven Berkoff and Kate Winslet have spoken out against the vile product. Join countless other compassionate people in urging Fortnum & Mason to do the right thing and drop foie gras today.

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  1. avatar Rees says:

    Were these biodegradable? Great idea but next time please use something that will biodegrade – even these so-called environmentally friendly balloons take ages to decompose.

  2. avatar Sophy says:

    Hey, I helped at the demo and they were definitely biodegradable balloons – showing PETA’s compassion for all animals :)

  3. I was there too, I helped them to blow those balloons :)

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