PETA Asia-Pacific to Aid Tsunami Victims
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PETA Asia-Pacific to Aid Tsunami Victims

The ferocious tsunami in Japan, caused by one of the largest earthquakes on record, surged several miles inland and claimed the lives of thousands of people and countless animals. PETA Asia-Pacific has sent staffers to some of the hardest-hit areas along the eastern coast to offer aid.

The key to protecting ourselves and our animal companions in any kind of disaster is being prepared. PETA US offers a tip sheet for animal guardians on how to prepare for any type of natural disaster that may arise. Tips include having an animal emergency kit ready, keeping all animal tags and records up to date, and having window stickers in obvious places on the front and back doors in order to alert emergency responders to the presence of animals in the home. Please make an urgent donation to support PETA Asia-Pacific’s critical work for animals who are suffering right now.

PETA Asia Pacific’s senior campaigner, Ashley Fruno, had this to say on the first steps in their handling of the situation:

I arrived Saturday night after spending a long time at the airport trying to get any flight out to Narita. I got one fairly soon after Narita reopened. Yesterday, I spent the day on a crowded bullet train operating at very non-bullet speeds going to Niigata, where I met up with an animal shelter here. We headed up to Yamagata today and are sleeping in a car tonight. We will be driving the two hours to Sendai tomorrow morning and working out what needs to be done. We (along with Animal Friends Niigata) are the first animal welfare group to be on the scene, and we were the first international group to respond.

We will give you more information about PETA Asia-Pacific’s rescue efforts in Japan as it becomes available.

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  1. avatar Bryson says:

    Good work PETA ASIA!

  2. avatar Martin says:

    So sad to see the devastation :(

  3. avatar Jared says:

    Agree to both..

  4. avatar Jackson says:

    I agree too!

  5. avatar Jared says:

    Third explosion at that reactor too, geeeeez…

  6. avatar Emma says:

    Would the money raised not go to better use helping the poor people who are suffering ? I think i’d rather my money went to saving the injured and devastated men, women and children… I’m vegan and completely against using animals for personal gain in any way and i feel that animals should be treated with full respect but thousands of people are suffering. Bringing the people back to full health will surely in turn mean the animals will be looked after…

    • avatar MariaG says:

      Emma, 100 countries have pledged help for humans and numerous NGOs are out there too – but very little will be done to help animals.

      If it wasn’t for the animal charities helping them they’ll probably end up the forgotten victims of this tragedy and it is right that those with expertise to help animals put this to good use.

      You don’t have to choose one cause over the other either – give to both if you have the funds, or split your money.

  7. avatar Vanna Rocha says:

    Oh ! Please Emma, this is an animal rescue site, if you dont want to donate for animals dont come here to complaint.
    If I could would give to the animals, unfortunately cannot give at this moment of my life, but would not give to humans since everybody is already doing it. There are almost everybody in the planet giving and helping humans, not much is there for animals. There is not even news of pictures about animals getting help in japan. They are more hopeless and deserve the same chances !

    • avatar Emma says:

      I don’t believe i was complaining…I just feel that by helping the thousands upon thousands of people suffering they in turn can help the animals. Yes humans and animals do deserve the same chances but a three year old child will not survive the same way a three year old dog can. My suggestion was not to leave the animals to fend for themselves but to concentrate on the youth, the elderly and injured people first, so that the towns and cities can grow again. I highly doubt ‘everybody is already doing it’ fundraising to help the people affected by these natural disasters will go on for years, people are without food, water and shelter.

  8. avatar Bobbi says:

    Does anyone know whether the dog that was shown guarding over his injured dog buddy in Japan after the tsunami was ever rescued? I cried all day after seeing that video. Both of the dogs needed immediate attention. If anyone knows, please let me know!

  9. avatar Stephanie says:

    Thank you PETA, for everything you are doing in Japan to help all the poor animals that have lost their owners or sadly been abandoned.

  10. avatar lisa says:

    I watched the same video of the dog keeping guard over his friend what a moving sight to see, just shows how amazing animals are and their loyalty to eachother, they are the lucky ones and have been rescued and have recieved veterinary care, they ovbioulsy were once loved and cared for and family pets as they have collors and name tags on we will never know what happened to the family that once owned them, whetther they survived or not, such a sad sad time.

  11. avatar Maria Kadid says:

    Yes! Cheare up, everybody!
    Humans, in Japan,are getting all the help the woorld can give. And compassionate organizations, are and will be doing, all it can be done to raise money to help.
    In respect to the animals, they were left to deal a little bit later.
    About the COURAGES DOG, STANDING BY HIS BUDDY, it wa rescued with over sixthy more dogs, under claims, in reports, maid by the people who did film them.
    If you check in Utube, you may find it.
    Blessings to you all and all the animals on earth.

  12. avatar Jackie Laferla says:

    Dear Peta people – I support ALL the work you do to raise awareness about the plight of ALL animals. I just left a comment about you on Seattle dog spot.
    As soon as the Japan Tsunami happened I made my first donation to HEART Tokushima as it was the first charity that appeared to be helping out there. Please inform me if you are working together and how many animals you have actually rescued or helped in the tsunami radiation area in some way or another.

    Thank you for everything you do for ALL the innocent animals that make our life worth living……

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