Parliament's Fur Robes Are Royally Ugly
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Parliament’s Fur Robes Are Royally Ugly

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Baroness Lola Young wants the House of Lords to elect faux fur to Parliament. The baroness led a debate in the House of Lords last week to ask Her Majesty’s government what plans it has to support and promote ethical and sustainable clothing.

Prior to the debate, PETA shared with the baroness information about the fur industry and noted that the overwhelming majority of British people are opposed to real fur – 95 percent according to a 2010 poll. Pointing out that, as representatives of the people, peers should reflect their values, the baroness urged her fellow peers to abandon ceremonial robes trimmed with ermine or rabbit fur and opt for faux fur instead.

PETA’s campaign against the royally cruel fur trade is still going strong. If you haven’t already, please sign the pledge that says you will go fur-free forever.

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  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Whats going on in England. It’s a famous animal loving nation. The ungodly Cameron led Government wants to massacre badgers and allow people to traumatize, torture and kill foxes, hares, stags and other wildlife. The Royal guards wear bear fur on their heads and there are fur robes in the garish House of Lords. I’m American and it’s even worse over here.

  3. avatar Gina Marchel says:

    I have always had a desire to explore England, a country with so much history, but now, knowing how you treat you animals, I am disgusted beyond words!!!!
    Never, ever, will I set foot on English soil!

    • avatar abbie says:

      we are one of the best countries for animal welfare, yes this is discusting but we’re not the worst, where do you live? america? the USA is one of the worst especially for factory farms.

  4. avatar Susan Finden says:

    I am ashamed of being British. We as a nation create about other countries and their cruelty to animals. We are a load of hypocrits. With so much man made fabrics around why cant the these garments be made from them?

  5. avatar Corinne Randall says:

    What sort of example do we send to the rest of the world when our own government isn’t supporting an end to cruelty? Faux fur these days is and looks as good as the real thing but without the cruelty. Please, please put an end to ALL animal cruelty when there is no need. LET’S NOT HAVE YET AGAIN ANOTHER HYPOCRITICAL GOVERNMENT. PUT AN END TO NEEDLESS CRUELTY.

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      No matter how bad real fur is, faux fur (which wouldn’t even look good on a mannequin let alone anything that’s alive) is infinitely worse! If you don’t wear fur, you shouldn’t wear ANYTHING that resembles fur!

  6. avatar James says:

    I think that they should just you fix up the furs every year, why let those animals die for no reason just to have the very thing they died for to be thrown away.

  7. avatar Ingrid says:

    I too am ashamed to be British and also of the ‘royal’ family who take off others and are supposed to represent us. They are seriously out of touch with the modern world. More people should rise up against their moronic traditions involving animal hunting, wearing and consumption.

  8. avatar ambyglam says:

    Lets hope queen kate gets it sorted!

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