Veggie Vengeance: This Time, It's Personal
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Veggie Vengeance: This Time, It’s Personal

What do you do when a Daily Mail survey reveals that some lasses are suffering under the misapprehension that eating meat is “manly”?  You show off a slew of veggie-powered super-studs and let the ladies decide for themselves. Here ou go, and you’re welcome.

Feast your eyes on these hunks of beef-, er, tofu-cake below and vote for the one with whom you’d be least likely to pick a fight over the last slice of pizza burger. And guys, if you’re still eating meat, perhaps this is the inspiration you need to order a free copy of our vegetarian/vegan starter kit and begin eating your way to machismo.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Compassion is sexy. Meat breath is not.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on vegetarian. Regards

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