PETA's Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Pubs
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PETA’s Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Pubs

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One look at most pub menus and it’s clear that the days are long gone when a vegetarian meal in a British pub meant a handful of peanuts or a packet of crisps. PETA is recognising pubs that are doing their best to satisfy patrons’ hunger for healthy vegan options, and regulars at our top 10 below will be pleased to know that the establishments have been named the Top 10 Most Vegetarian-Friendly Pubs in the UK. Winners were chosen based on a number of criteria, including reputation and the selection and quality of vegetarian and vegan menu items.

  1. Bob Trollops, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  2. The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
  3. The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham
  4. The Garden at The Gardener’s Arms, Oxford
  5. The Prince George, Brighton
  6. Porter Cellar Bar, Bath
  7. The Brick Kilns, Norfolk
  8. The Veggie Red Lion, Suffolk
  9. The 13th Note, Glasgow
  10. The 78, Glasgow

Next time you’re near one of these pubs, pop in to try some of their tasty meat-free options. But in the meantime, you can order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit and start making your own meat-free cuisine!

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to have eaten at half of these lovely places. They all deserve to be listed. However, in terms of excellent food quality, family-friendliness and wonderful vegan options, the Red Lion in Suffolk beats them all hands down.
    To prove this just look at the 25 rave reviews it has got on the Veggie Suffolk website, with people travelling from far and wide to eat there, and even non-veggies raving about it. It’s even helped people go veggie.
    Thanks for bringing attention to all these tasty pubs, and I look forward to trying the other half of them. I’d also recommend an 11th to anyone who visits the Peak District – the Globe in Glossop. Cosy welcoming pub with games and books, as well as an entirely vegan menu with home-made, tasty and incredibly good value meals.

  2. avatar Paul says:

    It is very good that you publish the top 10 vegetarian friendly pubs but do these pubs sell vegetarian friendly beers and wines? Plus a larger list would be nice so that more of the country is more likely to be covered, thank you.

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  4. […] – The Veggie Red Lion in Suffolk was named one of the top 10 vegetarian friendly pubs in the UK by PETA. You can see which other pubs made the list here. […]

  5. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Tofu and booze are so much better than eating cruel flesh-foods.

  6. avatar Sid says:

    Sadly, the Porter Bar has renounced its status as Bath’s best veggie pub and started serving meat as well. There’s still some veggie/vegan food on the menu, but their ethics have gone down the drain, along with the quality of the music. They still don’t advertise this on their website, but they recently had a sign with a picture of Morrissey with the words “meat on the the menu” or something like that, and I’ve phoned to check. They have a new owner who eats meat. I suggest people e-mail and phone them asking them to change their minds. Contact details on their website linked to in the main article.

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