More Trouble for Turkey Abusers
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More Trouble for Turkey Abusers

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German company Lohmann Tierzucht (LTZ) – the parent company of Aviagen Turkeys, Inc. – is facing cruelty-to-animals charges as a result of evidence gathered by PETA Germany. Authorities have issued warrants for alleged violations of Germany’s Animal Welfare Act (including amputating the toes and crests of millions of chickens in order to distinguish their breeds and sexes). Convictions could bring sentences of up to three years of imprisonment plus fines.

You’ll remember that PETA US’ 2008 undercover investigation of Aviagen documented that workers were breaking turkeys’ necks, stomping on their heads, and shoving faeces and feed into turkeys’ mouths. Three former Aviagen workers were indicted on cruelty-to-animals charges – the first-ever felony indictments for cruelty to farmed birds by factory farm workers in the U.S. All three men were convicted and sentenced; one was sent to jail and all were barred from owning or working with any animals for five years.

The moral of this story: If you abuse farmed animals anywhere on the globe, sooner or later you’re going to get caught.

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  1. avatar Nanci Dagragnano says:

    Well done to the ‘ sick” men who abused animals. All farm workers should be trained to treat and obbey regulations under risks of being caught and punished with severity. These abusers are sick and coward and should never work wih animals again!!

  2. avatar FRED HILLBERG says:

    Excellent news. Lets hope the German Fur Industry also gets a shakeup.

  3. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Turkey abusers are morally impoverished losers !!

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