Beautiful 'Bunnies' Turn Heads in Piccadilly Circus
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Beautiful ‘Bunnies’ Turn Heads in Piccadilly Circus

Fed up with people pinching their pelts, an army of 10 giant “rabbits” invaded Piccadilly Circus today. Carrying signs that read, “Save Our Skins – Don’t Wear Fur!” and “Have a Heart – Don’t Wear Fur”, the colossal cottontails were protesting against the use of fur for clothing  just before London Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow.

PETA’s rabbits are all riled up that fur-wearers support the slaughter of animals for their skins. On fur farms, animals spend their entire lives trapped in tiny, filthy cages, where they suffer severe physical and emotional distress before being killed by poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or neck-breaking. In China, which is now the world’s leading fur exporter, animals who are killed for their fur are often skinned alive – including millions of rabbits, cats and dogs.

The PETA bunnies called on people to join the compassionate 95 per cent of Britons who refuse to wear fur, including fashionistas like Leona Lewis, Fearne Cotton, Kelly Osbourne and Alexa Chung. Many top fashion designers – including Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger – also refuse to use fur in their collections.

If you ever want to be a part of our visual, eye-catching and educational demonstrations – then sign up for our Action Team. And if you can’t take time off work, then you can also educate from your armchair by forwarding this video to your friends.

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  1. avatar Jessie Lord says:

    I think you guys are brilliant! I’ve forwarded many of your videos and you’ve made a huge impact on me and my family. Most of us (me especially) are going veggie, and maybe vegan, but we’re taking it one step at a time. When I’m older I want to work like you guys do, helping animals everywhere!

  2. avatar FRED HILLBERG says:

    China is supposed to be a “New Ciivilized Country” but it appears to have to go a long way. Cruelty to animals is a sign of a very backward nation in Education, Ethics, and Morals.

  3. avatar Charlotte says:

    I agree. China is backward, so is anyone who wears fur. They are disgusting individuals.

  4. avatar Indy Hagen says:

    China is an incredible, beautiful country and I think you should instead be laying the blame with the designers who insist on using fur in their collections and the people who choose to wear it. Using fur for clothes – or anything else for that matter – is evil, but you don’t discriminate against a whole country because a minority per cent of the population work in the fur industry. Also, try and remember that the average chinese man is extremely poor and has a family to feed. Blame those who have choices and choose to do wrong, not those who have no choice.

  5. […] signs that read, “Everybunny Say NO to Factory Farms”, our giant costumed “rabbits” gathered outside the Rushcliffe Borough Council office yesterday to protest against […]

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