Amazing Animals Abound
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Amazing Animals Abound

© iStockPhoto / fotojagodka

For your Wednesday enjoyment, here are some of the sweetest and most amazing animals we could find.

  • These brainy crows owe their intelligence to a legacy of nurturing parenting. Are crow nannies in our future, perhaps?
  • Like humans, chimpanzees and penguins grieve the loss of a child or family member.
  • Prairie dogs have a language so advanced that they can describe humans down to the colors of their clothes. Gok’s Fashion Fix: Prairie Dog Edition.
  • This cat prefers strawberries to mice. Has she been reading PETA’s website?

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  1. avatar KT says:

    I love to learn more about animals, they’re so amazing!

    I remember reading a story about two male penguins who decided to become partners for life, and even had an adopted baby!

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