Swine Flu and What It Might Have to Do With You
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Swine Flu and What It Might Have to Do With You

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The swine-flu epidemic has already taken the lives of at least 39 people in the UK and infected so many others that half of the UK’s intensive-care beds are currently occupied by victims of the virus. One of the most likely sources for this – and other life-threatening animal-borne diseases which crop up time and time again – is factory farms.

Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases, such as bird flu, mad cow disease and, yes, swine flu. Factory farms are a breeding ground for new strains of dangerous bacteria and viruses, which is why pigs and other animals are fed a steady diet of drugs to keep them alive in such unsanitary and stressful conditions. This in turn, increases the chances of drug-resistant superbugs developing.

It’s common knowledge that eating meat is linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, but factory farming also threatens the health of everyone on the planet by providing a breeding ground for diseases that could end up being the death of us all.

I think The PETA Files summed it up perfectly: “We can stop pigs from killing us if we simply stop killing them”.

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  1. avatar Doc says:

    Meat is tasty, plants ain’t. Also how the hell can you advocate the killing of those poor defenseless plants, what have they ever done to you?! Plants are living creatures too, they feel pain and suffering and you just eat them with no concern for their life.

    Hence, might as well eat meat, even being a vegetarian is being a murderer

  2. avatar AC says:

    Hey Doc,
    If you care so much about plants you better stop eating meat as cows eat a whole lot of them! So both the cow and the plants suffer for your stomach.

    Seriously though, there is no evidence that plants suffer pain – they have no central nervous system for a start.

    Shame you think vege food isn’t tasty – you should check out some of the great recipes on here: http://www.veganvillage.co.uk/recipes.htm

  3. avatar Jared says:

    What’s up doc?

    As neither animals nor vegetables have rights, you cannot murder them..

  4. avatar Heather says:

    ‘Doc’ you are a small minded idiot! Please educate yourself before you comment. Thank you.

  5. avatar Doc says:

    I take it you couldn’t tell I was taking the michael? Of course I know plants can’t feel “pain” in the same way as other organisms do but still, they feel something but that’s beside the point.

    We’re top of the food chain, we’ve worked our way up from being primitive apes to the most intelligent beings on this plant and well, sorry but meat is an essential to our diet. How else would we be where we are today other than evolving to become omnivores, we get the best of both plant nutrition and meat nutrition.

    If a wolf or bear had the chance to eat you then it would, I don’t see why people get so uptight about others eating meat, it’s just part of nature, always has been and always will be. We get many vital nutrients off meat and if that means that something has to die for our survival then so be it. Nature isn’t a cute or friendly, it’s vicious and mean and you have to be at the top if you want to survive.

    Hence, eating meat is just natural.

  6. avatar Ann says:

    Wow Doc you are a perfectl example of the many brainwashed victims of the powerfull industries who lobby meat and indsutrial food to make profit. You havent worked your way up from shit and you’re hardly among the most intelligent beings on this planet – would such beings destroy their own world? You can look at the climate change or ask the folks from Brisbane to the Atlantic how things are hangin these days. You dont need meat to survive, it just tastes good, that’s it – so dont lie about survival. By the way if you ever stop with the meat addiction you’ll realize just how many tasty dishes can be made in other ways. For every 150 grams steak you eat, 40 – 50 people could be fed an entire meal of healthy vegetables in a world where millions die of starvation. Meateaters are esentially egoists who value their own tastebuds and lazy habits more than taking any responsibility for this planet and its living creatures including fellow humans or generations to come. Bon appetit!

  7. avatar Jared says:

    “..the most intelligent beings on this plant..”

    Hmm – I rest my case..

  8. avatar Doc says:

    Witting, I like how you felt the need to nitpick with the simple typo I made and yet completely ignored the valid I presented :|

    And what case do you rest? ’cause I fail to see what you happened to miraculously resolve with that nitpicking of the typo, or do you just not have an argument to come back with?

  9. avatar Kerry eaglestone says:

    We have so many other things to eat and ways to grow things to eat now that there’s no more need to kill or maim animals. Have we not grown into intelligent beings yet?????

  10. avatar Lara B says:

    Regarding Doc, I’d suggest ignoring. Clearly he/she is not looking for a debate, as we are all wrong and he/she is right (silly us). Only we’re not the ones on a website for meat eaters griping about it. And we wouldn’t be. Unless of course looking for an argument. Some people just like arguing really, makes them feel superior, massages their ego a little, best way to deal with these people I find is to ignore entirely.

  11. avatar Doc says:

    Actually, I just did it for the lulz, like Kim Jong-Il :D

  12. avatar Kate says:

    Doc, I thought I’d let you know I totally agree with you on this. Not going to get involved in an argument with these brainwashed lot, but wanted to express my agreement! Anyone who denies 200,000 years of evolution and supports some loon who wants to blow things up isn’t worth talking to…

  13. avatar Magdalena says:

    Doc, do you know that people thousands years ago were eating only animal’s carcasses? so just don’t try to convince anybody that killing animals is a natura behavior.

  14. avatar tyjfgjg says:

    Doc, plants cant feel anything, there living but they cant. Plants don’t do anything and they don’t feel or think anything and they don’t even know anything! So if you eat them so what? Animals do feel they do think they do feel pain so what would you eat? And I don’t think is tasty, and you think that us vegan’s and vegetarians don’t get the right amount of protein. Well as a fact people that eat meat usably get to much protein; us vegans and vegetarian’s get just as much we need.

  15. avatar Steve Broom says:

    Anyone who eats a cows backside (and its contents) and helps destroy the environment can’t be that intelligent. If its natural then why cook it? I could say more but I don’t think he (DOC)- and he’ll need one if he eats dead bodies) can read, as Shakespeare said “meat dulleth the mind”. Steve.

  16. avatar Steve Broom says:


  17. avatar Pearl Ward says:

    ‘It’s common knowledge that eating meat is linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer’.

    This made me laugh waaaaaay too much. You own me a new set of lungs.
    Common knowledge? More like retard, I’m an ignorant pig knowledge?

    Please, I want facts. (Good luck finding them).


  18. avatar charmillon says:

    nous sommes végétariennes et fières de l’être en bonne santé et nous n’avons pas de sang sur les mains!

  19. avatar Doc says:

    I’ll point out one thing, and one thing only just to make people think so here it is.

    Herbivores have flat teeth for grinding, think of them as like blocks with the top side all roughed up for slicing and chewing food.

    Carnivores have canines and sharp teeth for slicing and tearing at flesh.

    Omnivores tend to have both so they can adjust easily to both sets of material to be eaten and give themselves more options for gaining nutrition and such.

    If you look in the mirror, you’ll notice that you have canines as well, what does that say about us eating meat?

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