RIP, Susannah York
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RIP, Susannah York

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We are sad to hear of the death of acclaimed actor and PETA supporter Susannah York, 72, from cancer. Susannah devoted time to numerous good causes over the years and was active in supporting efforts to stop cruelty to dogs in Taiwan. In 1998, Susannah joined Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker and PETA staff, including PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, in delivering a dossier to the Taiwanese Embassy in London highlighting the horrific mistreatment of dogs who were unfortunate enough to end up in pounds in that country. The embassy denied entry to the animal protection advocates, so they stood outside in the cold, showing PETA’s photographs of the dog-drowning tanks in which strays and lost dogs were submerged to die and the dogs left to starve to death in metal crates, some cannibalizing the others, in hideous huts near the rubbish tips, where a swift kick from a booted foot was the only contact with humans many of them ever had. 

“There are 80 dog pounds in Taiwan, and PETA saw animals left without food or water, with terrible skin diseases”, Susannah said. “They had to eat each other to stay alive. PETA also saw mass drownings and even electrocutions of dogs.”

Susannah spoke to the delegation from the heart. It took a lot of hard work and lobbying, but she was part of the success of passing Taiwan’s first animal protection law. With the passing of Susannah York, the animals have lost a true friend.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    RIP Susannah, thank you for everything you did for animals.

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