PETA Takes Meat Warning to Cardiff
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PETA Takes Meat Warning to Cardiff

This week, three of our brilliant activists hit Cardiff city centre in biohazard suits. Holding signs reading, “Meat Is a Biohazard. Go Vegan”, they were there to let people know about the link between today’s factory farming methods and the increase in diseases spreading to humans. A recent study published in the Guardian listed Cardiff as having one of the worst outbreaks of swine flu in the country.

Cramming animals by the thousands into filthy sheds and forcing them to live surrounded by their own faeces creates a perfect breeding ground for diseases to emerge. In order to keep the animals alive in these appalling living conditions long enough to be sent to slaughter, they are given antibiotics, which has led to the development of superbugs, some of which are capable of being transmitted to humans.

You can’t help but notice that the headlines are increasingly filled with stories of diseases getting out of control and causing severe illness and death around the world. There is no better time to drop animal products from your diet and go vegan. Not only will a balanced vegan diet help boost your immune system and increase your life expectancy, it could also help slow down the emergence and spread of deadly diseases.

For tips on how to lead a healthier and more compassionate life – and for yummy recipes – start flicking through the pages of your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit!

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  1. avatar Anti-Vegan says:

    I’m sorry but I will never give up meat. I completely agree that animals are often treated cruely, especially in the make-up industry. However there are plenty of good organic farmers and lifestock rearers. As such there is no need to go Vegan let alone Vegetarian. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good steak!

  2. avatar sian says:

    oh man I wish i’d know about this……i would have been there!!

    Good work



  3. avatar Sophy says:

    Hey there Anti Vegan,

    Going vegan is a big step, but by reducing our meat consumption as a nation we can have a huge impact on the lives of animals and the environment around us. Have you thought about how much meat you consume? having even one vegetarian or vegan day a week will have noticable health benefits and save animals lives.

    Above 90% of the meat consumed in England comes from Factory Farms. These are farms where animals are kept in cramped conditions in sweltering heat. This is a perfect breeding ground for the viruses which cause swine flu, bird flu, BSE etc. Animals on these farms are fed so many anti biotics when they are healthy that as diseases progress and mutate the animals have no immune system to fight back with.
    And at the end of it all, regardless of how free range or organic your meat it, all animals die the same, queuing to get into the abbatoir and watching other members of their own species die before their eyes before they are hung upside down by the legs and have their throat slit.

    Acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer researched animal suffering in abattoirs for his book ‘Eating Animals’ and concluded that at least two out of ever three chickens he saw died visibly in pain. He remarks that;
    “[eating meat] is self evidently wrong”

    For more information about how animals are treated in slughter houses, please check out this video by musician, Sir Paul McCartney:

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  5. avatar Josh says:

    I wish I’d knew about this ¬_¬. I’m vegetarian, it may not be vegan but its a step in the right direction i guess. I live in Cardiff and would have loved to be part of this demonstration! Do you have a calender of events such as this? maybe i can catch future ones!

  6. I’m very supportive & thankful to groups like PETA that are there to inform & educate the general public of the realities of these “cruel” methods/procedures! In addition, I’m 100% supportive & thankful for PETA pointing-out better ways to handle animals being used for food!–:) With ALL this great technology advances out there why choose anything else? Thank you PETA for forcing these FACTORY FARMS to be held accountable/responsible for their acts!–:) I’ll always tell & support you guys for the welfare of our animals & humankind!–:) Keep up the good work & keep getting both government/media/corporates companies involved!–:)

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