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RIP, Susannah York

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We are sad to hear of the death of acclaimed actor and PETA supporter Susannah York, 72, from cancer. Susannah devoted time to numerous good causes over the years and was active in supporting efforts to stop cruelty to dogs in Taiwan. In 1998, Susannah joined Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker and PETA staff, including PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, in delivering a dossier to the Taiwanese Embassy in London highlighting the horrific mistreatment of dogs who were unfortunate enough to end up in pounds in that country. … Read more.

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2 Billion Meals a Year Are Now Foie Gras–Free

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In another victory for birds suffering on foie gras factory farms, food service giant ARAMARK has agreed to stop distributing foie gras. ARAMARK is an international corporation providing food services to the health-care, defence and education sectors as well as to businesses, stadiums, public attractions and convention centres.

After viewing PETA US’ horrific exposé showing how ducks and geese are abused by being force-fed for this vile product, the corporation made the compassionate decision to remove foie gras from its offerings. ARAMARK serves more than 2 billion meals each … Read more.

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Bullfighting Gets Axed From Spanish Airwaves

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 The following post originally appeared in The PETA Files: 

Spain’s national television network, RTVE, has announced that it is refusing to air bullfights, noting that it is inappropriate for children (and, we might add, anybody else) to see violence towards animals. Increasing opposition to bullfighting (72 per cent of Spaniards are against it, Catalonia has banned it and Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa recently called it a “spectacle of violence”) might also have something to do with the move. 

In the face of so much … Read more.

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Calling Imelda Marcos: Top Five Women’s Vegan Leather Boots

Animals are my first love – and shoes are my second. So with the first snow of the season having struck, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of super-stylish vegan boots. Luckily, I didn’t have to search far: leather-free boots are everywhere this winter! From the inexpensive to the “OMG, second mortgage” (a girl can dream), I’ve found some hot animal-friendly boots. And when boots this fabulous are this easy to find, there’s no excuse for supporting the hideously cruel leather industry.

If you haven’t seen Pamela Anderson’s PETA Read more.

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Duchess of Hamilton Cries Fowl Over Fortnum & Mason’s Foie Gras Sales

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The Duchess of Hamilton, a long-time PETA supporter, is backing our campaign to end the sale of foie gras at Fortnum & Mason.

When Lady Hamilton received a box of Fortnum & Mason Christmas crackers from a friend, she took the opportunity to return the crackers to Fortnum & Mason Managing Director Beverly Aspinall along with a letter, which read: “I do hope that you will open your eyes to the plight of the terrified ducks and geese who are forced to endure the horrors of force feeding … Read more.

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Pamela Anderson Named Person of the Year

We are pleased to announce that the wonderful, big-hearted Pamela Anderson has been named PETA UK’s Person of the Year for 2010.

In just the past year, the list of Pam’s contributions to PETA UK has included promoting an irresistible – and racy – campaign poster in which her nearly nude body is shown painted with butcher markings, giving an address on animal rights at Oxford University and releasing a TV spot in which she is shown strip-searching air travellers for contraband (such as fur, exotic skins, leather and wool) that … Read more.

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Swine Flu and What It Might Have to Do With You

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The swine-flu epidemic has already taken the lives of at least 39 people in the UK and infected so many others that half of the UK’s intensive-care beds are currently occupied by victims of the virus. One of the most likely sources for this – and other life-threatening animal-borne diseases which crop up time and time again – is factory farms.

Cramming animals by the hundreds or thousands into gigantic, windowless sheds is a recipe for spreading virulent diseases, such as bird flu, mad cow disease and, yes, … Read more.