Fox Decides It's Hunter Season
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Fox Decides It’s Hunter Season

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The following post originally appeared on The PETA Files:

A hunter in Belarus wound up in the hospital after he was shot by a fox he had wounded and was trying to kill with the butt of his rifle. As the determined fox fought back, she pulled the trigger of the gun with her paw. The bullet struck the hunter’s leg, and the fox made her escape.

Here’s hoping that the fox is recovering and that the hunter has learned his lesson. If not, the next time they come face to face, she just might take a trophy for her den.

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  1. avatar Amy says:

    Brilliant, good on the fox. All I can say is Karma!

  2. avatar Kyla says:

    Yay for the fox! And to the hunter… That’s Karma for ya.

  3. avatar Sara Falla Greenwood says:

    Finally nature fights back!! enough with animal cruelty we should be more loving towards our planet and animals.

  4. avatar Charlotte says:

    Thats one clever foxy. Just goes to show what goes around, comes around!

  5. avatar Gail says:

    Wow this is so amazing! This hunter got a piece of his own medicine FANTASTIC

  6. avatar KT says:

    I’m glad the hunter wasn’t killed: no-one deserves to be hunted, not foxes and not humans.

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