Duchess of Hamilton Cries Fowl Over Fortnum & Mason's Foie Gras Sales
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Duchess of Hamilton Cries Fowl Over Fortnum & Mason’s Foie Gras Sales

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The Duchess of Hamilton, a long-time PETA supporter, is backing our campaign to end the sale of foie gras at Fortnum & Mason.

When Lady Hamilton received a box of Fortnum & Mason Christmas crackers from a friend, she took the opportunity to return the crackers to Fortnum & Mason Managing Director Beverly Aspinall along with a letter, which read: “I do hope that you will open your eyes to the plight of the terrified ducks and geese who are forced to endure the horrors of force feeding and finally to pledge to end the sale of this most un-British of products in your store. I am asking this not only from me, but my late husband who died in June last year, would support me as we had visited a place where this force feeding took place and we vowed to do what we could to end the sale of this product in Britain. Until you stop selling this product, I will regrettably be unable to shop at Fortnum and Mason.” Read the letter in full here.

This isn’t the first time that Lady Hamilton has taken on stores over their sale of the cruel “fancy food” – and Fortnum & Mason take note: Lady Hamilton has a 100 per cent success rate! In 2008, she wrote to Selfridges, which later removed foie gras from their shelves. And prior to that, she wrote to Jenners of Edinburgh, who also bowed to the pressure.

As well as campaigning against foie gras, long-time vegetarian Lady Hamilton hosted a Christmas dinner for PETA in 2004 with her late husband, the Duke of Hamilton. Her two rescued turkeys were the guests of honour!

You Can Help!
Please join Lady Hamilton and
Sir Roger Moore by contacting Fortnum & Mason and urging them to stop selling foie gras immediately.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Action taken. Come on Fortnum & Mason, move with the times!

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