Clear Message as Poison Enters Food Chain
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Clear Message as Poison Enters Food Chain

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 Recent reports reveal that contaminated German eggs containing dioxins – a highly toxic group of chemicals known to cause cancer – have entered the British food chain, including in cakes and quiches sold in British supermarkets, and the contamination has now spread to meat. The dioxins were fed to chickens and pigs through contaminated animal feed, and once more, the message is loud and clear: eating animal products is bad for your health! In fact, it can kill you. 

Dioxins may be the current food scare grabbing headlines, but they are not  the only contaminants entering the food chain via intensive animal farming. Eggs are also common carriers of salmonella, seafood is the only dietary source of mercury poisoning, and bird flu and mad cow disease have led to unneccessary human deaths that could have been avoided. The simple truth is that animal products carry toxins because of the unsanitary conditions in which animals are raised, and this latest scare is just another reminder of why people should drop all animal products from their diet.
Right now, as swine flu reminds us, the livestock industry itself – and not just the food it produces – is a threat to all of us. Animals are smart and sensitive, but on factory farms, they are treated like machines. Deprived of the most basic necessities, they will most likely never set foot outside or breathe fresh air until they are loaded onto a lorry destined for the abattoir

Because we treat animals as units of industrial production rather than living, sentient beings, we now face the inevitable consequence of reaping what we sow.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Every time there’s a food scare like this (they happy more and more regularly these days) I use them to write a blog about the benefits of veganism.

  2. avatar KT says:

    That should say “they HAPPEN more”.

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  4. Wah! excellent news share about a highly toxic group of chemicals known to cause cancer – have entered the British food chain

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