Calling Imelda Marcos: Top Five Women's Vegan Leather Boots
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Calling Imelda Marcos: Top Five Women’s Vegan Leather Boots

Animals are my first love – and shoes are my second. So with the first snow of the season having struck, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of super-stylish vegan boots. Luckily, I didn’t have to search far: leather-free boots are everywhere this winter! From the inexpensive to the “OMG, second mortgage” (a girl can dream), I’ve found some hot animal-friendly boots. And when boots this fabulous are this easy to find, there’s no excuse for supporting the hideously cruel leather industry.

If you haven’t seen Pamela Anderson’s PETA US video about how most of the world’s leather comes from India, take a look and pass it on. You might be surprised to find out that cows and buffaloes are transported in unspeakably cruel ways to be killed in slaughterhouses. They often fall down in the lorries and are gored to death by the long horns of the other animals, for instance. Many of the animals are hacked to pieces with blunt knives in full view of other terrified animals. And, of course, all the animals killed for leather are intelligent, thinking, feeling beings. They are not belts, bags or shoes.

This winter, please leave cruelty out of your wardrobe. Check out my top pick for vegan boots, and get ready to make a statement – animals are not ours to wear!

New Look’s Double Buckle Boot: £44.99

Bourgeois Boheme’s BoBo Venus Brown: £110

River Island’s Light Brown Lace-Up Ankle Boots: £44.99


Sanita’s Aya Cone Ankle Boot: £149

ALDO Laurance Fleece-Lined Flat Boot: £50

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  1. avatar KT says:

    I’ve got a snazzy pair of Iron Fist Fugs, they’re fab and soooo much better than ‘orrible Uggs!

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