2 Billion Meals a Year Are Now Foie Gras–Free
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2 Billion Meals a Year Are Now Foie Gras–Free

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In another victory for birds suffering on foie gras factory farms, food service giant ARAMARK has agreed to stop distributing foie gras. ARAMARK is an international corporation providing food services to the health-care, defence and education sectors as well as to businesses, stadiums, public attractions and convention centres.

After viewing PETA US’ horrific exposé showing how ducks and geese are abused by being force-fed for this vile product, the corporation made the compassionate decision to remove foie gras from its offerings. ARAMARK serves more than 2 billion meals each year in more than 20 countries, and all those meals will now be foie gras–free, a huge victory for our feathered friends.

Watch PETA UK’s foie gras exposé here to learn more about how this “torture in a tin” is produced, and take action and join our campaign to rid Fortnum & Mason of foie gras. You can also make a donation in order to help save more animals who need your help right now.

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    That’s great news!

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