Snow Activists Urge Londoners to Give Fur the Cold Shoulder
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Snow Activists Urge Londoners to Give Fur the Cold Shoulder

While most people stayed bundled up drinking tea in front of the box yesterday, a few of us from PETA braved the icy weather to spread the word that fur is cruel and not cool and that although it’s cold outside, we do not need to have cold hearts. Wrapped up in faux woollies, we headed to the iconic London Eye to build an army of snow people to take part in our first-ever “snow protest”.

We wanted people to consider that every year, animals are trapped for fur and suffer excruciating pain before their chests are stomped on or their necks are broken by trappers. Animals on fur farms – including foxes, minks, rabbits, chinchillas and even dogs and cats – spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages before they are killed by drowning, bludgeoning, poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or neck-breaking. In China – which is now the world’s leading fur exporter – animals are often skinned alive.

Our little team of snow activists were the perfect mascots to encourage people to give fur the cold shoulder. With all the toasty and fashionable synthetics available, there’s just no excuse for wearing fur.

Why not give building your own snow activists a go and send a picture to your local newspaper? We’d love to hear about any media coverage you get! Good luck and happy building!

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  1. avatar Natasha says:

    Im glad people are finally having a voice for the animals !

  2. avatar dani palermo says:

    This is great, I should make a sign like that outfront my house!

  3. avatar KT says:

    That’s a fab idea, I might have to try and make one of them!

  4. avatar Carl James says:

    So sad to see fur making a comeback, even the Queen and members of her family were shown wearing it yesterday. I think it is high time that PETA launched another advertising campaign highlighting the cruelty and evil behind this filthy, sickening trade. We need to make fur unacceptable again, as it has been for the past 20 odd years.

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