Sexy Santas Say, 'Fortnum & Mason, Stop Selling Foie Gras'
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Sexy Santas Say, ‘Fortnum & Mason, Stop Selling Foie Gras’

PETA’s Sexy Santas were outside Fortnum & Mason yesterday with a little gift for shoppers. Our very own “Santa’s little helpers” handed out personalised carrier bags showing customers why Fortnum & Mason should get a lump of coal this Christmas for continuing to sell foie gras.

The bags, which feature the image of a dead goose and read, “Fortnum & Mason’s Idea of Wringing In the Holidays”, certainly had an impact on holiday shoppers!

There is no delicate way to put it: Foie gras is an unspeakably cruel product. Producers and sellers of foie gras such as Fortnum & Mason are set to have a profitable Christmas, whilst millions of ducks and geese languish in tiny wire cages. Anyone who buys foie gras is supporting an industry responsible for horrific animal abuse.

Please ask your friends and family to boycott Fortnum & Mason until they drop foie gras, and please take action to ask the store to end the sale of this “torture in a tin”.

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  1. avatar thom says:

    Mmm, saving animals with sexism, sounds forward thinking to me….

  2. avatar KT says:

    Those bags are a clever idea, PETA should make them for other places that sell foie gras.

  3. avatar Meat Eater says:

    I agree with thom, anyway what’s wrong with Fortnum & Mason selling foie gras – no one is forced to buy it. I know all about how foie gras is made, I had to attend a school trip to a french museum entirely dedicated to foie gras and I agree it’s not pretty but shouldn’t you veggie people be persuading the french to try using less cruel methods of producing their food instead of completely disallowing it?
    Those high socks look like a barbers sign!!

  4. avatar Alabama says:

    Oh dear “Meat Eater” – you seem to have completely missed the point…

  5. avatar melinda says:

    Foie gras is cruelty but dressing girls in ridicilous, tiny Santa outfits in the middle of the blistering winter is not??

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