PETA's Meat-Free Monday Video Launch!
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PETA’s Meat-Free Monday Video Launch!

PETA launched Meat-Free Monday, a cross-curricular project for schools, in the autumn of 2009. The project encourages schools to reduce their meat intake in order to help animals, improve pupils’ health, reduce pupils’ and teachers’ carbon footprints and fight against world hunger.

London, Buckinghamshire and Cheshire schools and more than 130 Manchester schools are taking part through city council caterers Manchester Fayre, so the project is gaining momentum.

Now you can see for yourself, with the launch of our Meat-Free Monday video! Please show the video to any teacher or pupil who might wish to ask their school to get involved and let us know how it goes!

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Great initiative! If I was still teaching I’d definitely do this!

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