PETA's Foxy Ladies Take to the Ice
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PETA’s Foxy Ladies Take to the Ice

PETA’s foxy ladies had a surprise for visitors at the London Eye “Eyeskate” yesterday – nude ice skating! Our intrepid pair braved the winter weather to pass on an important message in defence of animals – “bare skin, don’t wear skin!”

Millions of people across the world already choose to give cruelty the cold shoulder by refusing to wear fur. This light-hearted demo helped to bring a serious issue to the attention of those not yet in the know by highlighting the cruelty of the fur trade (truly one of the most violent and inhumane trades on the planet) and reminded Londoners and tourists alike that animals are not ours to wear.

After being ordered off the ice by a flustered security guard, the girls posed for pictures and passed out information to curious onlookers. Nice work, foxy ladies!

Do your bit for animals today: share our Natalie Imbruglia fur exposé on your Facebook page and ask your friends to do the same.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Brave ladies, well done!

  2. avatar BH says:

    Great job girls!

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