International Animal Rights Day
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International Animal Rights Day

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Today is International Animal Rights Day, when animal rights advocates around the world aim to persuade people that kindness and respect are owed to all sentient beings. On this day, compassionate people everywhere hold candlelight vigils in order to draw attention to the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.

In honour of International Animal Rights Day, PETA are urging supporters and activists to do three small things TODAY to help animals:

  1. Stop eating animals. If you have already stopped, please make today the day you give someone else the information he or she needs to go vegan! A vegetarian diet saves 100 animals per year – take the Pledge to Go Veg today!
  2. Post a link to “Glass Walls” on your Facebook page and e-mail the link to your friends and family.
  3. Make at least one comment online in response to a newspaper report or forum about an animal rights issue (fur/factory farming/foie gras/leather/animal testing). For example, you could comment here.

Please e-mail us and let us know how many of these actions (or other animal rights actions) you have taken!

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  1. avatar KT says:

    I often post animal rights topics on my blog.

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Wake up UK. No other person or celebrity has done more to support animal rights in 2010 than Queen guitar legend, Brian May. This great guitarist is a vegetarian who has admirably and articulately used his celebrity to endeavor to protect badgers, foxes, stags, hares and other wildlife species from being inhumanely culled and hunted. He abhors factory farms, slaughterhouses, animal research labs and all other hells for animals. He was recognized for his good deeds for animals by the International Fund For Animal Welfare. Morrissey and Chrissie Hynde rightfully condemn cruelty against animals while guitar legends Brian May and Jeff Beck actually rescue and save animals.

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