Fortnum & Mason Shoppers Confronted With the Truth About Foie Gras
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Fortnum & Mason Shoppers Confronted With the Truth About Foie Gras

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Our fabulous activists were out in force on Saturday to enlighten holiday shoppers as to Fortnum & Mason’s idea of getting stuffed at Christmas. By continuing to sell foie gras, Fortnum & Mason is endorsing one of the worst forms of cruelty to animals.

With huge signs positioned on either side of the main entrance, people entering or leaving the store were confronted with the grim reality of what it takes to produce the foie gras sold at Fortnum & Mason. Passersby were also given leaflets detailing how ducks and geese are tortured for this cruel product.

You can help by boycotting Fortnum & Mason until they make the decision to stop selling foie gras and by contacting them to urge them to stop selling the vile product. Please encourage everyone you know to support the campaign!

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Why is anyone still buying (and eating) this stuff?!

  2. avatar John Carmody says:

    stop animal abuse – go vegan!

  3. avatar sophie says:

    hi i do love to eat meat but who would eat the stuff its awful its a ducks liver and also its disesed so wat if people said to a person who ordered that stuff this is a human liver which is disesed they wouldnt eat it but becuase its a ducks they dont care


  4. avatar laura says:

    some people just dont know where it comes from and how its farmed… if they did what would do? probably still eat it… why? “meat eaters” would rather play ignorant to it pretend it doesnt happen. surely theres other companies that use better farms?

  5. avatar Hannah says:

    I understand that the right to choose whether to eat animals or not is one which has to be made individually, I personally could and have never eaten it and would never. But what I dont understand is how people can continue to eat fois grais once they realise the way the animals have been treated. It makes me feel physically sick so I cannot imagine how eating something so disgusting must make people feel? There are so many un-educated people in the world who just need the issue of eating animals to be explained to them, they really need to know what they are eating!

  6. […] I have since discovered that Fortnum and Mason stock foie grais. To me one animal product is no different to another, I wouldn’t consume any of them and I still eat out in places that serve meat. However in light of the fact that Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and the larger supermarkets have all stopped selling this product I believe Fortnum and Mason should do the same. Had I known this before, I would have chosen to go elsewhere. I have emailed them and asked them to take foie gras off their shelves so that I can wholeheartedly  recommend their vegan afternoon tea to others, I was gutted to say the least. Please contact them and ask them to do the same via their website here and find more information about PETA’s campagin here. […]

  7. avatar josette says:

    I remember when I was a child seeing my neighbour forcefeeding her geese I could not understand why people would do this !!!
    I am french and I bet all my family ate fois gras at Christmas !!

  8. avatar Victoria Colewood says:

    I think that the more people know about the horrific way animals are treated for both food products and cosmetics, the more they are likely to stop consuming them. In a lot of stores there is little choice for the ethical consumer, and major cosmetic companies keep testing on animals, so its best to check on the internet to find out the ethical policy on products.

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