A Special Message from Fiona Phillips
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A Special Message from Fiona Phillips

Fiona Phillips, like millions of other people across the UK, is looking forward to Christmas, but one thing that you won’t find on her holiday table is turkey – or any other kind of meat. That’s because the Mirror columnist and former GMTV presenter went vegetarian many years ago, and she’s never looked back. So when PETA asked Phillips to narrate its hard-hitting new video about the suffering of turkeys who are raised and killed for food, she leapt at the chance.

“Christmas should be a time of peace and goodwill for all … but it isn’t for turkeys”, begins Phillips, who won PETA’s 2007 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity poll. “Christmas represents the culmination of weeks of fear and pain for them. Jam packed into filthy, windowless sheds, they’re bred to grow so large that they suffer hideous leg injuries …. It doesn’t have to be this way. Why not this Christmas, have a heart, not a drumstick. Go vegetarian.”

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  1. avatar Jo says:

    Thank you for this Fiona Phillips! Veggies are good people.

  2. avatar KT says:

    Fiona, you’re wonderful! How about going vegan for 2011?

  3. avatar Liisa Markkanen says:

    Thanks Fiona, you’ve educated me about turkeys. I’ve been a vegetarian for a week now and this video has shocked me.

    I hope that there can be a stop to this cruelty and I’m going to do all that I can to support Peta.

  4. avatar vegan says:

    she’s amazin! that’s da first time i ever see her face cuz i’m french, dat’s great many english ppl are vegetarians, unfortunately, in france, u won’t find dat much celebs who are vegetarians, dat’s so cool dat famous ppl give dat kinda gud messages becoz fans wanna do da same than than favorite artist, finally, a celeb who don’t show the bad example, contrarily to celebs like Jennifer Lopez who wears a lotta fur, go vegan! it’s even betta than vegetarian

  5. avatar Kathleen Smith says:

    I dont get it. Shes a veggie but she advertises Olay on tv. Correct me if I,m wrong but I thought that was made by a company who test on animals!?

  6. avatar Lorna says:

    You’re right, Kathleen. Procter and Gamble (makers of Olay) are one of the worst when it comes to animal testing. Twiggy also advertises for the company and she too has featured in several Peta campaigns. These women are obviously willing to back animal cruelty when it suits them (and when the money is right).

  7. avatar karen mccarroll says:

    I agree with Kathleen and Lorna …. As good as Fiona Phillips message is, how can she justify preaching to others about the plight of turkeys and other animals used for food when she stars in an Ad Campaign for one of the worst animal testing companies in the world, Proctor and Gamble’s Oil of Ulay?
    Vegetarians should be compassionate about all forms of animal abuse, not just the meat industry.
    Nice as person as she is (and likewise other celebs!) she really needs to take a look at the bigger picture and use her influence to inform people of what goes on behind closed doors and how the majority of the everyday products we buy from these market dominating companies needlessley abuse/torture/kill hundreds of thousands animals every day!

  8. avatar Alan says:

    Very few people take the leap from thoughtless animal consumption and use to being totally vegan. I never condemn anyone who has made a step forward in compassionate living. We’ve all been there!

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