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Vintage Fur: Animals Still Died for Your Coat

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From using energy-saving light bulbs to recycling, we’re all wannabe eco warriors these days! But the fur trade latched onto this idea, touting “vintage” fur as an environmental choice to uninformed shoppers. Here’s why second-hand furs are still a problem:

  1. Those who wear fur – whether new or second-hand – are promoting the torturing of animals and helping the flagging fur trade through acting as a walking advert for cruelty.
  2. The idea that vintage fur is more acceptable than new fur is simply not true. All “vintage” means
Read more.

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Sir Roger Moore Says, ‘Foie Gras Is Cruel, Not Yule’

First he persuaded Selfridges that foie gras was one of the most cruelly produced foods in the world and that they should remove it from their shelves. Then he convinced Harvey Nichols that the stuff was torture in a tin, and they agreed to pull it from their restaurants in the new year. So with that track record, when a letter from Sir Roger Moore arrived on the desk of the Fortnum & Mason Managing Director Beverley Aspinall, she can’t have thought that if she ignored it, Sir Roger might go away.… Read more.

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Sexy Santas Say, ‘Fortnum & Mason, Stop Selling Foie Gras’

PETA’s Sexy Santas were outside Fortnum & Mason yesterday with a little gift for shoppers. Our very own “Santa’s little helpers” handed out personalised carrier bags showing customers why Fortnum & Mason should get a lump of coal this Christmas for continuing to sell foie gras.

The bags, which feature the image of a dead goose and read, “Fortnum & Mason’s Idea of Wringing In the Holidays”, certainly had an impact on holiday shoppers!

There is no delicate way to put it: Foie gras is an unspeakably cruel product. Producers … Read more.

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A Special Message from Fiona Phillips

Fiona Phillips, like millions of other people across the UK, is looking forward to Christmas, but one thing that you won’t find on her holiday table is turkey – or any other kind of meat. That’s because the Mirror columnist and former GMTV presenter went vegetarian many years ago, and she’s never looked back. So when PETA asked Phillips to narrate its hard-hitting new video about the suffering of turkeys who are raised and killed for food, she leapt at the chance.

“Christmas should be a time of peace and goodwill … Read more.

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PETA’s Foxy Ladies Take to the Ice

PETA’s foxy ladies had a surprise for visitors at the London Eye “Eyeskate” yesterday – nude ice skating! Our intrepid pair braved the winter weather to pass on an important message in defence of animals – “bare skin, don’t wear skin!”

Millions of people across the world already choose to give cruelty the cold shoulder by refusing to wear fur. This light-hearted demo helped to bring a serious issue to the attention of those not yet in the know by highlighting the cruelty of the fur trade (truly one Read more.

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Snow Activists Urge Londoners to Give Fur the Cold Shoulder

While most people stayed bundled up drinking tea in front of the box yesterday, a few of us from PETA braved the icy weather to spread the word that fur is cruel and not cool and that although it’s cold outside, we do not need to have cold hearts. Wrapped up in faux woollies, we headed to the iconic London Eye to build an army of snow people to take part in our first-ever “snow protest”.

We wanted people to consider that every year, animals are trapped for fur and suffer … Read more.

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Have a Veggie Merry Christmas!

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I love Christmas! This is the second year I have lived in London and been able to experience all the festivities – the lights on Regent Street, the brilliant decorations on Carnaby Street, the chestnut sellers on Tower Bridge – shall I go on? Because I can, trust me!

But, of course, there is a sadder side to Christmas. More animals are killed to be eaten on Christmas Day than for any other day of the year. Turkeys, geese, pigs, chickens – the list goes on. Every one … Read more.

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A Freeze Can Kill Animals, but So Can Antifreeze

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With subzero temperatures set to continue, people have been reaching for the antifreeze to prevent the water in their car radiators from turning into ice. But antifreeze can be deadly to animals.

Most brands of antifreeze have a sweet taste, which can be tempting to animals and even children. The main ingredient in most antifreeze brands is ethylene glycol. Animals who ingest this chemical will promptly begin to suffer from vomiting, convulsions and kidney failure. If animals don’t receive immediate veterinary care, they face a painful, … Read more.

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Fortnum & Mason Shoppers Confronted With the Truth About Foie Gras

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Our fabulous activists were out in force on Saturday to enlighten holiday shoppers as to Fortnum & Mason’s idea of getting stuffed at Christmas. By continuing to sell foie gras, Fortnum & Mason is endorsing one of the worst forms of cruelty to animals.

With huge signs positioned on either side of the main entrance, people entering or leaving the store were confronted with the grim reality of what it takes to produce the foie gras sold at Fortnum & Mason. Passersby were also given leaflets detailing how … Read more.

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NASA Drops Cruel Monkey Radiation Experiments – After A Little Persuasion from PETA US

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I am actually old enough to remember watching the moon landings as a kid, and for those of you who missed it, the Tom Hanks film Apollo 13 does a pretty good job of recreating the mood of excitement and inspiration that space exploration had back then. For me, NASA (the US’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has always seemed to be an organisation full of heroic and brilliant people, at the forefront of science. Last year, I was disturbed to learn that this was not necessarily the … Read more.