Victory: Harvey Nichols Ends Foie Gras Sales!
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Victory: Harvey Nichols Ends Foie Gras Sales!

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Following meetings with PETA – and thanks, too, to a lovely letter from Sir Roger Moore – Harvey Nichols has agreed to remove foie gras from their restaurant menus come the New Year.

The first step came in 2007 when, after meeting with PETA, Harvey Nichols agreed to remove foie gras from their department store shelves.

Selfridge’s agreed not to sell foie gras late last year, following an appeal on PETA’s behalf by our 2009 Person of the Year, Sir Roger Moore. Now we have our eye on Fortnum and Mason, which continues to serve the livers of force-fed birds.

PETA is pushing forward in our campaign to end the misery of ducks and geese who suffer so greatly for this “torture in a tin”. Although we are achieving victories, there are still millions of birds crammed into tiny pens or cages, suffering the horror of being force-fed via a tube shoved down their gullets several times a day. To help us help them and other animals who are suffering, please make a donation today.

Together, we can win for animals! Thank you.

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  1. avatar elaine dring says:

    fantastic thank you harvey nichols

  2. avatar Tricia says:


  3. avatar Ernie Scales says:

    Whilst it’s good news that another prominent retailer has seen sense, Amazon ( is selling Canard Val de Luce pork pate with foie gras and chestnuts. They also have several books available on foie gras and dog fighting! Guess who I won’t be buying from in a hurry.

  4. avatar KT says:

    Thank you to Harvey Nichols, from me and the animals!

  5. avatar pj56 says:

    Many thanks Harvey Nichols! Nice to see people that care.

  6. avatar Alejandra Gonzalez says:


    FOR THE ANIMALS!!!!! :)))

  7. avatar Kate Cassidy says:

    Thank you Harvey Nichols..I salute you!!!

  8. avatar liana says:

    Let’s pray that cociousness keeps winning.

  9. avatar Christina Hespe says:

    Re the dog fighting books on Amazon. Yes, it’s true – checked it out. Um, as dog fighting is now illegal in the UK, is it legal to sell books on how to do it? This must be seen as encouraging the breaking of the law. I would have thought not. Who should one complain to though?

  10. avatar JJEE says:

    Thak you, Harvey!!!! This is a big step, and all of the “animal people” in South Carolina salute you!

  11. avatar Ernie Scales says:


    If you’ve an Amazon account you can complain direct – and the more they receive the greater the chance they’ll remove them from sale.

  12. avatar Nick says:

    Fantastic!!!! Watching that video made me sick about how the force feed the poor birds!

  13. avatar Nick says:

    I’m going to complain to Amazon about the dog fighting books and foie gras !! Thats sick that they sell this stuff?

  14. avatar Norah André says:

    Thank you PETA and my special thanks to Sir Roger Moore for his humane support.

  15. avatar karen wilson says:

    well done Harvey Nicks ! i support you!

  16. avatar jennifer says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU Sir Roger Moore for standing up for what you believe in and using your influence to create an awareness of this SICK practice. And thank you also to Harvey Nicks

  17. avatar KevinB says:

    Congrats to Harvey Nichols for stepping up to the plate. Ethics and compassion are so scare in commerce, well done.

  18. avatar makayla says:

    It is really bad to kill animals they are so pretty and sweet

  19. avatar makayla says:

    i have a pet bunny and i take really good care of it they should not put this game on here it is not funny to kill animals

  20. avatar Julia Guns says:

    Have checked Amazon and it is true, they sell foie gras… but have no button to complain about it… which they do on purpose of course, they want us to buy not to complain.
    Well Amazon as long as you sell these controversial things, I will never ever buy from you.

  21. avatar ulrike stahl says:

    Stop it!!!!!

  22. avatar Sophie says:

    thank you harvey nicolas!!and most of all thank u peta for doing this!!

  23. avatar Marcia says:

    So glad to hear another seller will stop foie gras! May they all stop and soon!

    Regarding Amazon’s selling books on dog fighting, etc., whose sale they regard as a matter of free speech–Amazon did drop a book on pedophilia (The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure) after many complaints. I didn’t think freedom of speech allowed the pedaling of books that promoted illegal activities, such as dog fighting. Maybe we need a lot more pressure on Amazon to get rid of books that promote unlawful cruelty to animals, especially as there is now a precedent of Amazon’s removing a book.

  24. avatar Bill Hobson says:

    Thank you Peta and all involved In the prevention of torturing animals.I will never buy from amazon again.and will help Peta in anyway that I can,there doing excelant work.God bless them.Bill Hobson.

  25. avatar Dannii says:


  26. avatar Martine Vaffier says:

    Since I have been vegeterian for almost 30 years, I don’t eat foie gras, but I wish nobody eats it, knowing that poor geese are just tortured to give this product, which is a disease! How disgusting! How cruel! Man is the worst of all animals. The more I love animals, the more I hate mankind.

  27. avatar Celia says:

    Thanks for the information about Amazon selling foie gras. I am thinking seriously about cancelling my account with them. It is disgraceful!

  28. avatar Josette Spiteri says:

    Thanks goes to everyone for showing such compassion and love to animals.Well done Sir ROGER.

  29. avatar Netty says:

    Good news! Christmas shopping at Harvey Nichols!

  30. avatar Ken says:

    Before we all get too excited at what seems like a victory for animal welfare check out Harvey Nic’s website and you will see that their London restaurant’s Platinum Xmas menu still includes foie gras in both their starter and main course selections. Is this just another example of a company cynically attempting to get positive publicity by pretending to make changes whilst actually doing nothing ? Roger needs to politely suggest that they need to make good on their promise !

  31. avatar Ken says:

    Apologies for previous posting … I’ve re-read the PETA statement and spotted the comment that Harvey Nic’s are bringing in their foie gras restaurant ban in the New Year.

  32. avatar Duncan M Steedman says:

    Sir Roger Moore…BRILLIANT! Always preferred you to Sean ( and I’m Scottish)

  33. avatar NA says:

    Foie Gras is on the menu at Manchester Harvey Nichols restaurant this Christmas, so much for banning it!

  34. avatar Sophy says:

    Re Manchester, Harvey Nichols have pledged to remove foie gras in the New Year…

  35. avatar AnimalLiberation says:

    Well done to Harvey Nicks, although this is long awaited. And as for Amazon….I have already complained about their policy on selling fur, to which they do not care. So I have deleted my account and boycotted the site. I hope others will do the same.

  36. Well done to Harvey Nicks, hope their pledge to remove fois gras in the New Year happens…..Its an disgraceful put it midly…but thanks to PETA and Roger Moore for your compassion to animals….I support you!

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