Pam Anderson Addresses Oxford University
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Pam Anderson Addresses Oxford University

Earlier this month, Pamela Anderson caused a frenzy with fans and the media when she unveiled her provocative PETA ad in London’s famous Covent Garden, and just one day later, Pam was at it again, this time addressing students at the Oxford Union.

Pam, accompanied by PETA US Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, talked about vegetarianism and screened our video “Glass Walls“, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney. More than 200 students attended.

Pam explained that she made the decision to go vegetarian after seeing her father hunt. She later went on to persuade him and his friends to give up the cowardly sport.

“We had a great talk, it was wonderful”, Pam told the BBC. “We were talking about the easiest ways to go vegetarian. I think we had a really profound effect on the audience.”

After an extended, lively and fun question-and-answer session, PETA’s angel for animals stuck around to pose for pictures and sign PETA literature for her fans.

Thanks, Pam, for your unwavering commitment to animals.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    It always suprises me that more uni students are veg*n, those who are intelligent should understand why it’s important to be veg*n.

  2. avatar John Carmody says:

    ADORE Pam! BIG TIME!!!

  3. […] compassionate celebs (and PETA supporters) have already made the decision to ditch meat, including Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, Eliza Doolittle, Owain Yeoman, Leona Lewis, Bryan Adams, Russell Brand, and […]

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