Adopting Beats Shopping
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Adopting Beats Shopping

Before coming to PETA, I worked in an animal shelter. I saw firsthand what happens to many abandoned animals who come through a shelter’s doors – and it’s heartbreaking. The consequences of the animal overpopulation crisis are tragic. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that one homeless dog is euthanised every single hour. These dogs usually lose their lives not because they are ill or old, not because they are unlovable and certainly not because they have done anything wrong – it is simply that there are just too many of them and too few good homes.

In support of all the animals who languish in crowded animal shelters, PETA members gathered outside the Discover Dogs show in London last weekend with a message: don’t shop – adopt. While shows like Discover Dogs actively promote the breeding and buying of dogs – which causes dogs in animal shelters to lose their chance at finding a home – PETA encouraged attendees to adopt their next animal companion from a shelter or rescue group. 

Want to help the thousands animals who suffer, lonely and depressed, in animal shelters? Sign the pledge to end animal homelessness and never buy an animal from a breeder or a pet shop.  And, please, pass it on.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    I’m currently trying to find a rat to adopt from a local shelter, I refuse to buy one from a shop or a breeder.

  2. avatar Natalie says:

    I work in a well known animal shelter in the Uk, within the department that takes in stray and unwanted cats and dogs. While what you say about not going to breeders is right, why buy when there are hundreds of dogs in kennels waiting to be lived, I have a problem with how you report the euthanasia figures. Yes in America overcrowding us often a reason why dogs are put to sleep, the vast majority if UK shelters do not run in the same way. Dogs may be put to sleep due to levels of aggression that make them a danger to rehome ( sadly many dogs are broken before they make it to us) or due to severe medical problems. Reporting that UK shelters put dogs to sleep due to overcrowding make people with genuine reasons for needing to rehome their dog less likely to trust UK shelters and more likely to try and sell their dog as a way of rehoming-which can be extremely dangerous especially if the dog is inneutured as the new owner may buy with the intention of breeding, or with worse ideas in mind!!
    I do hope people attending discover dogs listened to your message about adopting, and I hope many of them will come to shelters and give a dog a much needed loving home!!

  3. avatar Kathlen Lunn says:

    I absolutely agree- have volunteered at a cat shelter for several years now-some of the cats we see……..

  4. […] Please don’t perpetuate canine eugenics by buying a potentially ill dog from a breeder – if you’re looking for a new animal companion, you need look no further than the lovable mutts waiting at your local animal shelter for a loving home. […]

  5. avatar Yogesh Khandke says:

    Could we have a reply to Natalie? I would say “killed for being aggressive”, if we applied that criteria to humans, all of the world’s problems would be gone.

  6. […] point of our ad? That when people buy a dog or a cat from a breeder, they rob animals in shelters of the chance at a loving home … and the breeder pockets the […]

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