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Closed: Win One of Five Copies of ‘Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook’

Now’s your chance to win a copy of Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook, the latest instalment from Skinny Bitch co-author Kim Barnouin. Of course, I’m already a lucky winner because I received an advance copy and am using it to test my culinary skills. I can tell you that this is a resource that will fit perfectly on any cookbook shelf because it’s full of so many varied recipes – 150 in all. My housemates already love me for working my way through them.

Covering all sorts of dishes – … Read more.

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Cosmetic Changes at Nocton Mega-Dairy

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Nocton Dairies Ltd, the company in the centre of a row over bringing a US-style intensive dairy factory farm to the UK, resubmitted their plans last week to build their giant cow “prison” in Lincolnshire, this time claiming that they would reduce the number of cows from 8,100 to 3,770 – a figure that would no doubt quickly climb back up to the originally proposed number via further applications. What do we think? Whether one or 100,000 cows are held there – suffering is suffering.

The cows … Read more.

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Formula 1’s New World Champs Are Foie Gras-Free!

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The newly crowned Formula 1 World Champions Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing are also winners off the track when it comes to animals – both refuse to eat or serve foie gras!

PETA has confirmed that German driver Vettel, who raced to victory in Abu Dhabi at the weekend, would never dream of eating the cruel foodstuff. And when PETA’s foie gras campaign ambassador, Tamara Ecclestone, wrote to Red Bull Racing’s Team Principle Christian Horner earlier this year to explain how ducks and geese on foie … Read more.

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‘Drinking Responsibly’ Can Have Another Meaning

© / MarkSwallow

There is a problem with alcohol in the UK: alcoholic-drink manufacturers don’t have to specify all the ingredients in their drinks, and even when they do, they use descriptions that can disguise what is going down your throat on a night out.

They also don’t have to mention if their filtration process is vegan. For example, lots of beers and wines are filtered to remove sediment. Some lagers are filtered through proteins found in a cow’s stomach. Wine is sometimes passed through ground-up fish swim bladders (called isinglass) … Read more.

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Chick-Hatching Programmes: Not What They’re Cracked Up to Be

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I first came across chick-hatching programmes whilst running the PETA stand at an education exhibition. Whilst most companies at the show were exhibiting books, outdoor play equipment and lesson plans, a company called “Living Eggs” was “exhibiting” several tiny chicks. The idea is for schools to put fertilised chicken eggs in incubators in classrooms and let students watch the eggs hatch two to four weeks later.

Of course, PETA immediately complained to TSL Education Limited, the show organisers, who thankfully made the decision to ban the use … Read more.

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Victory: Harvey Nichols Ends Foie Gras Sales!

© / CraigRJD

Following meetings with PETA – and thanks, too, to a lovely letter from Sir Roger Moore – Harvey Nichols has agreed to remove foie gras from their restaurant menus come the New Year.

The first step came in 2007 when, after meeting with PETA, Harvey Nichols agreed to remove foie gras from their department store shelves.

Selfridge’s agreed not to sell foie gras late last year, following an appeal on PETA’s behalf by our 2009 Person of the Year, Sir Roger Moore. Now we have our eye on … Read more.

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Adopting Beats Shopping

Before coming to PETA, I worked in an animal shelter. I saw firsthand what happens to many abandoned animals who come through a shelter’s doors – and it’s heartbreaking. The consequences of the animal overpopulation crisis are tragic. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that one homeless dog is euthanised every single hour. These dogs usually lose their lives not because they are ill or old, not because they are unlovable and certainly not because they have done anything wrong – it is simply that there are just too many of them … Read more.

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Lettuce Ladies Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

PETA kicked off Vegetarian Awareness Month with the help of the lovely Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi, better known to many as “Leyla Harding” on the TV show Emmerdale. Ghawam-Shahidi wowed passersby in Leeds at the beginning of October by modelling a dress made entirely of lettuce leaves!

As October ended, so too did Vegetarian Awareness Month, and PETA’s gorgeous Lettuce Ladies used the opportunity to hand out delicious vegan sausages, kindly donated by The Redwood Wholefood Company, and spread the word about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.  Holding … Read more.

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Pam Anderson Addresses Oxford University

Earlier this month, Pamela Anderson caused a frenzy with fans and the media when she unveiled her provocative PETA ad in London’s famous Covent Garden, and just one day later, Pam was at it again, this time addressing students at the Oxford Union.

Pam, accompanied by PETA US Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, talked about vegetarianism and screened our video “Glass Walls“, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney. More than 200 students attended.

Pam explained that she made the decision to go vegetarian after seeing her father hunt. She later went … Read more.