Top Five Women's Vegan Leather Jackets
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Top Five Women’s Vegan Leather Jackets

Nothing says cool, edgy and compassionate like a faux-leather jacket. Autumn’s must-have piece, the vegan leather jacket lets you rock a hard look while maintaining a soft heart.

From high street shops to designer boutiques, the faux-leather jacket is everywhere this season – and with so many cruelty-free options to choose from, there’s no need to wear the skin of a dead animal.

We’ve chosen a few of the fiercest vegan jackets available. So whether you prefer biker-chic or hipster-cool, you can walk proud knowing that no animal was tortured, mutilated or skinned alive for your fashion choices.

River Island’s Black Faux-Leather Embellished Biker Jacket £59.99

Miss Selfridge’s Stone Pu Biker £47

Topshop’s Faux-Sheepskin Flying Jacket £78

New Look’s Hooded Leatherette Bomber £34.99

Warehouse’s Faux-Fur Aviator Jacket, Dark Grey £65

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  1. avatar KT says:

    I like the River Island jacket but I’ve just bought myself a lovely vegan one for Winter already!

  2. avatar Tania Brandon says:

    Great to see big high street names selling faux leather/sheepskin

  3. avatar Tania Brandon says:

    Great to see big high street shops selling faux leather- sheepskin

  4. avatar shez96 says:

    Love the river island one :D <3 thankkss peta :)

  5. avatar PegPatch says:

    Any chance of doing another one of these for this year?

  6. avatar Jason says:

    Vegetarain Shoes in Brighton are winding down jacket sales and concentrating on footware all there jackets are being sold off cheap now !

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