New Natalie Imbruglia Anti-Fur Video Released for London Fashion Week
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New Natalie Imbruglia Anti-Fur Video Released for London Fashion Week

Friday sees the start of London Fashion Week. To coincide with the arrival of the fashionistas in town, we’ve released a new video, narrated by Australian singing beauty Natalie Imbruglia, that graphically documents the horrific cruelty inherent in the fur industry.

While it will be the spring/summer 2011 collections being showcased on catwalks, it is the autumn/winter 2010 collections that are currently arriving in the designer shops. Britain has already produced many innovative and inspiring design talents, including Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood, who fly the flag by refusing to work with fur. After all, fur farming is outlawed in the UK. Sadly, some out of touch designers, such as Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, tarnish Britain’s reputation by ignoring the values of the majority who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing real fur. Fortunately, hugely popular shops like Topshop and New Look, as well as designer favourites like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, all have no-fur policies.

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Natalie, who recently appeared as a guest judge on the X Factor, first supported PETA’s anti-fur campaign back in 2008 when she starred in a “Try Telling Him It’s Just a Little Fur Trim” ad. During the recording of this new narration, I was moved to see Natalie struggling to read the script – with its graphic descriptions of animals being gassed, electrocuted, poisoned and bludgeoned to death for their skins, she was very upset. Needless to say, it is even more distressing now that the footage has been added.

It’s gut-wrenching viewing, but please do all that you can to help animals by forwarding this link to family and friends and urging them to sign PETA’s pledge saying that they will never wear real fur. And if you know someone who once wore fur but has had a change of heart, please encourage them to donate their furs to PETA for use in our campaigning efforts.

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  1. avatar Rachel A says:

    Go Natalie! Thanks for this, it will make a big difference. :D

  2. avatar KT says:

    I <3 Natalie!

  3. avatar h.h says:

    thank you, nat<3

  4. avatar Ellie says:

    Awsome work Nat! I hope this leads the way for other celeb’s to support the anti fur campaign and stop the unbearable cruely to those beautiful souls !

  5. avatar Carol says:

    Good for you, Nathaly!!! Let more celebs be role models for the message to reach those who are naive about fur.

  6. avatar Clara McDonagh says:

    Love you for it little miss Imbrughlia, sorry if the spelling is wonky

  7. avatar Kjersti says:

    Great! :-) Where can I buy it?

  8. avatar CDette says:

    Beauty, Brains and Compassion, Yay Natalie!

  9. avatar Julie says:

    Peta -thankyou for a fantastic campaign highlighting the atrocities of fur farming. How can we as civilized human beings hold captive and torture such beautiful creatures. At least in Britain such practices have been outlawed. Seeing the animals pacing their cramped confines, going mad as they cannot seek the freedom they desire. The horrific practice of skinning them alive has shocked me so badly, seeing on film the poor defenceless Raccoon dog moving around, still blinking and bearing its teeth in agony after having its fur and skin ripped off. That image has burned into my memory. I give you my lifelong support.
    I have not eaten meat or poultry for the vast majority of my life due to simply not wanting an animal to die to provide me with food. I have eaten fish very occasionally so obviously cannot call myself a vegetarian as some fish eaters do. Watching your video narrated by Sir Paul McCartney, has highlighted to me the suffering fish and other creatures who live in our seas and oceans have to endure whilst providing us with food. I will not eat fish again and can call myself a true vegetarian. You have converted me by publishing your campaign. What can others do with this knowledge and freedom? What a pity our animals do not have the choices and freedoms we have.

  10. avatar Miranda says:

    What an absolutely heart-breaking video. I was sobbing. Why are humans so unbelievably cruel?

    Thank you, Natalie, for what must have been a very difficult thing to first see on tape.

  11. avatar Colette de Jager says:

    Awesome!!! Many thanks for people like you Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. avatar Shannon says:

    I’m deeply saddened by this video! If only i could make this vile doing dissapear :( How can the world be so cruel? Big Thanks to Natalie for jumping on the band wagon and supporting PETA!

  13. avatar Seamus McCartney O'Doherty says:

    Campaigning is needed in order to get the point across I however, would like to see more protests and campaigning in busy places where people cannot ignore the gruesomeness that these animals face and the cruel, inhumane torture. Natalie Imbruglia is such a lovely person, we need more celebrities to step up and campaign against fur, wool, leather, animal testing, cruelty, slaughterhouses and much, much more. Why do none of these campaigns air on everyday viewing channels in the UK? It would definitely encourage people to become vegan/vegetarian, fur-free, against animal testing. Collectively we can stop anything, if we put our minds to it.

  14. avatar Gislaine Pires says:

    very good, i am happy, great PETA!!!

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