Cruel UK Abattoir Forced to Close Down
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Cruel UK Abattoir Forced to Close Down

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A&G Barber of Purleigh in Essex, one of the abattoirs at the centre of Animal Aid’s undercover investigation, has been forced to close down following the release of shocking video footage. Among other abuses, the video shows workers improperly stunning pigs, leaving the animals to regain consciousness and experience the full horror of slaughter. After seeing the video, A&G Barber’s biggest customer, a German sausage manufacturer, cancelled its contract.

Animal Aid’s investigation revealed that at six out of the seven abattoirs they filmed, workers routinely and intentionally abused animals, including kicking pigs in the face repeatedly and using electric tongs to shock the animals’ sensitive snouts and mouths.

Veterinary inspectors at A&G Barber failed in their duty to respond to the abuse, which leads us to believe that if the filming not taken place, countless pigs would continue to suffer terribly at this facility. As a result of the Animal Aid investigation, changes to staff monitoring in abattoirs have now been proposed by a government industry group formed by the Veterinary Public Health Association (VPHA). Whilst failing to act on calls for compulsory closed-circuit TV in abattoirs, they have agreed that more effective monitoring slaughter and stunning procedures are necessary. We can only hope that these proposed changes will be implemented and that from this point forward,  immediate action will be taken against facilities and individuals suspected of abuse.

Although we are delighted that one less abattoir is inflicting pain and suffering on animals, the video footage indicates that intentional abuse of animals is endemic in UK abattoirs. The easiest but most important thing you can do today to help prevent animal suffering is to leave cruelty off your plate and go vegan! Click here to order a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.

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  1. avatar dhyta ang says:

    please stop the animal cruelty. people should respect other living creatures.

  2. avatar Tracie says:

    I know of this abattoir. My friend once saw a poor pig that had escaped running up the road absolutely covered in blood :-((

  3. avatar Jolene says:

    install survellance camaras!!! if i cant work at bath and body works and throw/ kick around lotion bottles, they shouldnt be allowed to do so with the animals. i mean really…

  4. This should be closed down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. avatar Dean says:

    Karma has a way of paying back anyone who is cruel to another living creature. These people will most likely die of some slow painful cancer.

  6. avatar Iris Beck says:

    dont you realise what goes around comes around, i am sure you will all get paid for the abuse you have caused !!

  7. avatar KT says:

    I agree with Jolene, survellance cameras should be installed at all abattoir’s to prevent animal abuse.

  8. avatar Barbara says:


  9. avatar Jayne Lambert says:

    My friend a head chef who had so many rosettes etc after his name visited an abbatoir to see meat quality and he saw so the abuse he was physically sick, he vowed never to eat meat again and he was a chef of 22 yrs and a vegetarian now for 5 years. Pepole ask him why he doesnt eat meat and he says how can you be so ignorant??

  10. avatar Jayne Lambert says:

    Where is Temple Grandin we need her to monitor the abbatoirs in the UK

  11. avatar linda says:

    Shut down or put everything on Video!

  12. avatar Rachel says:

    WTF is wrong with people????? This is another GREAT example of why i CANNOT stand people anymore!!!! I wish i could do to these workers what they did to these poor creatures!!!! I would absolutely LOOOOOOOVE to make them suffer!! Especially kick em in the face and stun them in the mouth!! see how they like it!! I hope they rot in HELL!!!!

    • avatar Ellie says:

      So do I their horrible people and their life is worth the tinyest price of crap in the planet they should go through all the pain that the animals went through also make it slower and painfiler for them and make the other horrible bastards watch the person suffer in agony before its their turn to go next

  13. avatar regina ripley says:

    Pig eaters in the USA know about the cruelty and continue to eat it!!!

    • avatar angry vegetarian says:

      well the USA are stupid and not blessed in the knowledge department and probably think that their meat comes for “the freezer section”. thickos!!
      im a strick vegetarian, and this makes me fuming and embarrassed to be human, I bet if i showed this to people, 75% of the population would change to be vegetarian/ vegan.
      good on the footage filmers!!

  14. avatar Shelly says:

    Reading this story makes my stomach churn. I agree with the comment Jolene made about he survellance cameras. It’s a fact, you can’t shop or work at any department store without camera but people can butcher animals with little or no supervision of the staff or animals. Everyday my decision to become vegetarian is reinforced over and over again, and after the things I’ve read and seen I could never again go back to eating meat.

  15. avatar Lety Rom says:

    Yes should be closed ,negocios de sufrimiento y crueldad en contra de los animales ,tambien piensan y sienten. TERRIBLE.

  16. avatar John Carmody says:

    Well done to Animal Aid for exposing this cruelty, from your friends at Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) in Ireland.

  17. avatar Bronwyn says:

    Surveillance cameras should be installed in all abattoirs by law.

  18. avatar katja sonnenstuhl says:

    this is why i am a vegetarian…as long as people eat animals, this cruelty will never stop…wake up and think about it…

  19. avatar Michael says:

    This kind of abuse and cruelty is completely unacceptable in today’s society However its Naive and quite stupid to think that becoming a vegetarian or vegan will stop animal cruelty its natural to eat meat and Peta need to stop this guilt tripping saying that if you eat meat you are Not preventing cruelty it just sounds desperate and pathetic everyone has the right to there own opinion and decisions about things like this.
    The only way to really control animal cruelty in this industry is through monitoring becoming a vegetarian wont change the fact that theres abattoir’s it never will Humans have allways been omnivore’s and hunters since as far as weve been on earth.

  20. avatar Jasmine Chen says:

    I have no idea how these “people” live with themselves. I hope they rot in hell or die from cancer. Sooner or later these “people” will get their comeuppance. What goes around comes around. Animals have feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. avatar epavs says:

    Micheal is right in that humans are meat eaters and hunters and that this is a natural thing for us, but when we were hunter gatherers (and still are in many many places all over the world) we killed and kill with respect for the animal and for the land, and for the sake of survival. There are humane ways to kill an animal, it is never a nice thing to do of course, but I just cannot believe that the governments are basically letting murderers and rapists/ criminals violent abusers have jobs in these abottiors, because basically that is what is happening by the sounds of some of these reports. They should not employ these people, how DISCUSTING.. I feel sick to the stomach that this is going on this country. The supermarkets give a false impression that the animals have a healthy happy life with ‘free range’ and ‘organic’ but all this is totally meaningless when their lives are ended in such a horrific and terrifying way by messed up people who should not be allowed to do this job. It seems almost as though its an easy way for the governments to get the murderers and violent abusers off the streets, if they are doing this to the animals and its kept quiet then at least they wont be doing it to people! SICKENING

  22. avatar P Knowles says:

    It has angered me too much for words. How do these staff sleep soundly at night? They seem to get enjoyment from kicking the pigs in the head. The staff at this abattoir are the real PIGS! Sack them all………….. and where is the RSPCA to fine them?

  23. Totally revolting behaviour by the abattoir staff …….. why aren’t the supermarkets making check ups at the abattoirs to make sure that the animals they use in their products are treated with respect? How do we now believe anything the supermarkets put on their labels?
    Happy pigs living in open spaces with a better quality of life and being kill humanly?
    I say lets BOYCOTT THE SUPERMARKETS who deal with them!

  24. avatar G lewis says:

    I work in a abbotior and all the slaughtering is done in the correct manner, all these people that say its crual its not and i bet they all eat meat

  25. avatar harley1235 says:

    we have to stop animal curlty GO PETA !!!!!!!!

  26. avatar ms. vegetarian who is very angry says:

    this abuse is just inhuman it makes me sick. it is foul and it is disgusting and quite frankly I am embarrassed to be human.
    why are some people so bloody stupid and cant be normal I guess being nice and normal is beyond their mental capacity because their so stupid.
    id love it if the 95% of the people who eat meat would use the half the brain cell theyve been gifted with to see this and realise theyve been supporting this and the monsters behind these abattoirs.
    my GOD some people are thick.

  27. […] past 30 months. Video footage from one abattoir showed such horrific abuse that the facility was closed down. At Cheale Meats, the Food Standards Agency have revoked one abattoir worker’s licence and […]

  28. avatar Mark K says:

    Karma my ass. The people who do this don’t need to wait for Karma to do anything nasty to them. It already has. How do you think these people have had their humanity so stripped away that they are capable of repeated cruelties to animals.
    People that go to work in abattoirs may already have a predisposition to that kind of work (not everyone has a happy well adjusted childhood), those that don’t will either leave because they can’t take it or they will become immured from it.
    History shows that familiarity breeds contempt … a lack of empathy.

    Such people are already living in a hell.

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