Closed: Win Two Tickets to Vintage at Goodwood
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Closed: Win Two Tickets to Vintage at Goodwood

The coolest event of the year takes place this coming weekend – and you could be a part of it!

Vintage at Goodwood will feature music, fashion, film, art and design from the ’40s to the ’80s. The most exciting news is that all the 200-plus stalls at the “Vintage Marketplace” will be fur-free, thanks to design legend Wayne Hemingway, who is behind this massive celebration of Cool Britannia. Want to win two tickets to this fur-free event for Sunday, August 15? You’d have to be mad not to – some of the artists who will be performing on Sunday include Peter Hook, Heaven 17, The Damned and even Kid Creole and the Coconuts!

To enter the contest, leave a comment below and tell us what you’d rather do than wear fur.

Please note, this competition has now closed

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  1. avatar Vanessa Croisier Challess says:

    I’d rather wear a t-shirt with Naomi Campbell’s face on it than wear fur (given her anti-fur campaign support shortly followed by catwalk appearances in fur and her latest defence of self “I’ve never heard of Liberia, I’m a model”). And believe me, that would really kill me.

  2. I would rather wallow in dog poo than wear fur!!!

  3. avatar A Clark says:

    I would rather turn my home into an animal sanctuary than wear fur..yes i really would love to!

  4. avatar michelle says:

    I would rather stab my eye with a knitting needle

  5. avatar Daisy says:

    I’d rather spend years re-educating and explaining their wrong-doing to people who go whale hunting in the faroe islands than wear fur.

  6. avatar Heather says:

    I would rather spend my day with a bunch of clowns, and belive me nothing would scare me more, okay maybe axe whelding loon…. but a day with clowns…making me shiver just thinking about it

  7. avatar Lucy Rawcliffe says:

    I’d rather wear my staffordshire bull-terrier Murphy around my neck – alive and licking, than wear fur!

  8. avatar Lina Nyberg says:

    I wear fur every night! My very much alive feline friends sleep on top of me, and it’s looooovely ;)

    No seriously, no point listing what I’d rather do than to wear fur – because it’s pretty much anything! Let’s turn it around instead: I’d rather wear fur than… Eat meat perhaps? Test products on animals? Not sure how people justify doing any of the above…

  9. avatar Stacey says:

    I’d rather lick the floor, shave my hair off, rub lemons in my eyes.. why would I want to wear someone elses skin? People get into all sorts of trouble doing that, but apparently, not the fur wearing idiots that dis-grace our streets…

  10. avatar Mandy Horrigan says:

    I would rather walk around naked them wear fur….

  11. avatar Gemma Seager says:

    I’d rather wear fake fur than wear fur!

  12. avatar rasko says:

    I’d rather wear a dapper bespoke suit grafted from the finest genetically modified artificial human skin than wear the fur of a formerly beautiful dead animal.

  13. avatar KT says:

    I’d rather go without loo paper for a week than wear fur!

  14. avatar Claudia says:

    Would rather grow me own fur…. :)

  15. avatar Pat says:

    I’d rather eat mushy peas than wear fur! (yes, I have an issue with mushy peas… yes, it’s serious!)

  16. avatar Alice says:

    I would rather continue to spend my life educating others about compassion, how to live a cruelty free life and animal rights than wear another beings fur…

  17. avatar Jan Harvell says:

    I would rather be cold than to wear fur – BUT with so many alternatives I don’t even need to be cold!!!

  18. avatar Terry Childs says:

    So its cold weather,
    We shouldn’t wear fur,
    I’d rather be clever,
    And be a surfer.

  19. avatar Nikki says:

    I’d rather go naked than wear fur. And I have a plodgey belly!

  20. avatar Gemma Budden says:

    I would rather put my un-gloved hand up a cows bottom than wear fur.

  21. avatar Nicola Chalkley says:

    Fur? Yuck!
    I can’t bare the sight of people wearing- real or fake! Why mimic a cruel and vicious fashion?!!

  22. avatar steve clark says:

    er, i would rather do just about anything than wear fur! never have, never will

  23. avatar Rachel A says:

    I’d rather wear my OWN wool (hair), stored in jars for DECADES and gone MOLDY than wear any kind of animal fur. :D

  24. avatar Laura Hurds says:

    I’d rather eat nuts than wear fur even though I’m crazy allergic.

  25. avatar Harri says:

    I would rather do ANYTHING than wear fur really.

  26. avatar Darren Morgan says:

    I’d rather stand tall and walk naked throught the streets

  27. avatar Vanessa Almeida says:

    I rather use cool vintage clothes! Fur is just wrong!!!!

  28. avatar Elisabetta Bucciarelli says:

    I woud use as fur, the skin of people who produce it or wear it

  29. avatar Chelle says:

    I would rather sweat to death wearing crimplene in the summer sun than wear fur!

  30. avatar rosemary francis says:

    I would rather not go to VINTAGE than wear fur. OMG did I really say that. Can’t I do both. Go to VINTAGE and NOT wear fur

  31. avatar Melanie says:

    I would rather knit all those fasionetta’s world wide snazzy capes than wear fur!

  32. avatar Paul Radford says:

    i love fur , the more expensive and rarer the better , now wheres my tiger skin tanga briefs gone !

  33. avatar Alan Brazier says:

    I’d rather go to Goodwood Vintage festival dressed as a pirate than wear fur!

  34. avatar Becky says:

    I would rather wear a dress made from sweaty sports socks than wear fur!

  35. avatar Tim says:

    I’d rather walk down Oxford Street naked than wear fur!

  36. avatar Keira says:

    I’d rather cover myself in fat, oil and grease than wear a dead animal’s fleece.

  37. avatar anouk says:

    I would rather leop(ard) and mink(X) around feeling foxy. Who’s fur would I wear?….errrr mine(own!).

  38. avatar Hannah says:

    I,d rather walk naked around the pop up high street at vintage then wear fur!

  39. avatar victoria says:

    What would you rather do…wear fur or vote for Mitt Romney?

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