Vegetarian Chantelle Houghton Returns to the 'Big Brother' House
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Vegetarian Chantelle Houghton Returns to the ‘Big Brother’ House

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the first Big Brother series aired! I’ve been an avid fan since the beginning, but I must admit that I’ve always found the Celebrity Big Brother series to be the most addictive. Who could forget classic TV moments such as Vanessa Feltz’s meltdown or Pete Burn’s arguments with PETA supporter Jodie Marsh over his fur coat that appeared to be made from gorilla skin – and his face when the hideous coat was seized by police?

Channel 4 is giving the show a fitting send-off with Ultimate Big Brother, which sees a number of familiar faces from over the years returning to the house. Here at PETA, we’re backing the lovely Chantelle Houghton to be the Ultimate Big Brother champ. Chantelle recently unveiled her cheeky vegetarian PETA ad, which was shot by celebrity photographer Karl Grant outside Smithfield Meat Market. The ad highlights the link between eating artery-clogging animal-derived products and impotence. It’s a testament to Houghton’s charm that she persuaded several butchers to try a Redwood veggie hot dog – and got them to admit how good they tasted!

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  1. avatar KT says:

    It’s great that the BB house has a good example of a vegetarian in it, Sunshine was so fussy that she didn’t do us vegans any favours!

  2. avatar bunny says:

    yay! i love chantelle :D

  3. avatar Jasmine Chen says:

    yeehaa thanks Chantelle. Animals everywhere are dancing with you!

  4. avatar Kamila says:

    Great that Chantelle promotes vegetarianism , maybe people will wake up that eating meat is a bad habit

  5. avatar bluepill says:

    hi there! i’ve been reading a lot about eating meat would lead to impotence. could you possibly help me and give me a link to this study pls? i ave been searching coz i want to make an article on it. thanks for the help inadvance.

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