Good News For Rabbits – And For Us
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Good News For Rabbits – And For Us

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Inch by inch, progress is being made in ending animal tests. Actually, today it was more mile by mile. After more than a decade of scientific research, negotiations and lobbying by PETA and other animal protection groups, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has announced that it has approved new, non-animal testing methods for skin irritation

What does that mean? Until recently, chemicals of all kinds were tested for skin irritation using painful tests on rabbits. But now, around the entire world, the standard way of testing for skin irritation will be to use high-tech, modern methods – the rabbits will be spared. This really is a global deal: the OECD produces binding safety testing guidelines for its more than 30 member nations, representing almost all of the world’s largest economies, and many countries which aren’t members also follow the OECD’s guidelines.

Animal-friendly methods employ in vitro (test tube) toxicity screening, “skin” grown in laboratories and computer models. While non-animal methods have been recognised as valid to test corrosivity (in other words, whether something will permanently damage the skin) for some time, these are the first methods to be recognised as effective to measure skin irritation, thus allowing for a complete assessment of skin effects without the use of animals. The methods that have just been adopted by the OECD use reconstructed human skin models that successfully reproduce the effect on human skin and allow reliable, accurate measurements of damage in a way that applying chemicals to the shaved, raw skin of rabbits cannot. In addition to the pain and distress endured by the rabbits who are used in animal tests, the OECD also considered evidence that the animal tests do not accurately measure whether a substance is likely to be an irritant to human skin – in other words, these methods should be more effective in protecting humans too.

We are particularly proud that PETA played an integral role in this process. PETA financially supported the rigorous scientific testing of one of the non-animal methods that have just been approved, which helped to produce the scientific evidence that led the OECD to approve the use of the method. (PETA US has given more than $850,000 over the past 10 years to support the development and implementation of non-animal testing methods.) These new methods will spare tens of thousands of rabbits every year from unnecessary suffering. And that should make everyone feel pretty good.

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  1. avatar Mary says:

    Yey! Rabbits are my absolute favourite – I’m so hapy knowing that they’re almost all safe now! :-D

  2. avatar Zoe & Daisy says:

    About time too!!! a big huge hip horray from me and my house rabbit Daisy (who is totally gorgeous!!)

  3. Yesssssssssssssssss

  4. avatar Karen says:

    Excellent news!

  5. avatar Tracy says:

    This is fantastic!! Are these new methods going to be compulsory, or will the laboratories still be able to choose to test on animals?

  6. avatar Nadja says:

    Splendid!! Thank you!

  7. avatar Uddhav says:

    Yay :) LOVE this :D freedom for those cute buns :D

  8. avatar Chokdee says:

    On behalf of my bunny Mr. Peaches, we’d like to personally thank PETA for working so hard for so long on making this a reality. Thank you!

  9. avatar Jaboa Braveheart says:

    I am so happy I’m crying! May God bless them all and let us pray and always keep the ones who didn’t make it in our hearts! VICTORY!!!

  10. avatar Jaboa Braveheart says:

    My Whitefoot family and I LOVE YOU PETA!!!

  11. avatar Joana says:

    It was about time a good plan B for animal testing arrived !
    Most people don’t even KNOW that for the products they use, lots and lots of
    innocent little rabbits are suffering beforehand…
    They SHAVE the rabbit’s skin before ? Sick.

  12. avatar Joana says:

    My bunny Mr. Muffin and his 4 siblings and parents say thanks to PETA, as well… =)

  13. avatar Carmen says:

    Yes! Finally!
    After a decade? That much time? Wow, people really are just selfish and cruel down to the core.
    I’m glad someone has implemented this much RATIONAL and ACCURATE testing. It is ridiculous though that PETA had to PAY THEM so they’d start being somewhat human.
    Ridiculous. The gridiness of people and dark in them just amazes me everytime.

    THANK YOU PETA FOR THIS WONDERFUL NEWS. It just literaly made my day.

  14. avatar Tim Kowalchuk says:

    Now what about the rest of the animals. Cats, dogs, mice. etc…

  15. avatar June says:

    It’s wonderful to hear good news once in a while. Thank you PETA.

  16. avatar June says:

    Thank you PETA.

  17. avatar marilyn j needham says:

    Cheers to Peta and all the people who fight so hard every day to save our furry friends

  18. avatar Amanda & Cooper says:

    Finally some good news! :D Thank you PETA

  19. avatar Stephanie Jones says:

    Scarlet and Braveheart Jones give a big hug to everyone who made this possible!! I wish more people knew how smart and loving bunnies are. Now if they would just stop testing on all animals!!

  20. avatar KT says:

    Around the world bunnies and friends of bunnies are all leaping for joy!

  21. avatar pj56 says:

    I am so happy! It took awhile, but thanks to you, PETA, the rabbits are finally free from pain. Thank you. Yeah!!!

  22. avatar silfrhuntress says:

    this technology has been available for so long but we are a capitolist society. it costs to much to put in place new testing proceedures if it is not required. thanks to PETA companies especially proctor and gamble have no choice but to change to humane practices.

  23. Everyone at The Pet Directory wish to thank PETA and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on this wonderful humane initiative in health care.

  24. avatar Verina says:

    This made my heart sing! Question: What will happen now to all the lab animals in captivity that were to be test subjects? Will they go to shelters or be euthanized? Do we know?

  25. avatar Caddie Hart says:

    Thank you SO much PETA!!! I’m so happy, this has made my day!!!! :)

  26. avatar silvia says:

    ouuuuuuh yeaaaaaaah :D

  27. avatar emma says:

    Finally! — My bunny [house rabbit] Fudge would LOVE this! — Can’t wait for animal testing to be COMPLETLEY banned!

  28. avatar Ellie says:

    Me & my lionhead bunny Thumper say a big thank you!
    Now atleast innocent rabbits won’t suffer.

  29. avatar Jasmine Chen says:

    yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa. thanks thanks and thanks. Rabbits all over the world are bouncing with joy :-)

  30. avatar Rae Todd says:

    Well done Peta and thank you on behalf of rabbits everywhere. x

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