Balinese Government Killing Dogs With Strychnine
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Balinese Government Killing Dogs With Strychnine

The following is a post from PETA Asia’s blog, Hot & Sour Scoop.

UPDATE: On the 21st September 2010 the Balinese government signed an agreement to work with BAWA to conduct a island wide vaccination of Bali’s dogs against rabies. This campaign is funded by WSPA.
This agreement means that the government has agreed to use vaccination to control & eliminate rabies, thereby ending the culling of Bali’s dogs. Humane euthanasia will be used for dogs already infected with the rabies virus, the others will be vaccinated.

When I think of Bali, I imagine an island heaven: surf, sun and miles and miles of beach! Recently, however, we received some horrible news – and there’s definitely trouble in paradise.

In a misguided effort to control a rising rabies epidemic on the island, Indonesian authorities have been using strychnine to cull the local stray dog population! Strychnine is a well-known poison, and its victims suffer for hours from seemingly endless convulsions, excruciating pain and anguish before finally succumbing to exhaustion or suffocation. The use of strychnine poisoning on animals has been condemned by animal protection and public health groups throughout the world.

The only effective and humane way to control rabies outbreaks is through vaccination, and the group Bali Animal Welfare Association has been working tirelessly for mass vaccination of dogs throughout the island.

AusAID, Australia’s international development funding agency, donates to the Balinese government’s rabies-control programs. While AusAID has assured us that it only contributes to vaccination programs, giving the Balinese government any money simply allows it to direct more funds towards cruel killing methods.

By Jason Baker

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  1. avatar jin says:

    this is inhumane and should be stopped now.
    These dogs needed vaccinations that the government should provide.

    Stray dogs are homeless but not worthless right? Some of them may be unwanted but killing them is not an option. why not put them in a shelter and put up for adoption? or if they are rabid and EXTREMELY ILL then thats the only time you euthanize them. (as a last resort of course)

  2. avatar Marg Durrance says:

    I thought something had been done about this. Totally unacceptable & cruel but probably the cheapest & quickest solution they could come up with & to Hell with any compassion for the dogs who have been struggling all their miserable lives just to survive.

  3. avatar Ineke de Wild says:

    Maybe it’s better to discuridge people (in particular with little money, small houses and apparments) to keep pets at all, people do not solve lonelyness or unhappyness by having a pet, and animals are not made to serve as toys or companions for people, they are just slaves (of each other)

  4. avatar gina says:

    im all for non-violent tactics when it comes to solving issues like this. however, most ignorant people believe two wrongs make a right. so lets poison the fuckers behind this madness. (note slight sarcasm)

  5. avatar Katrin says:

    Stop this cruelty!!!

  6. avatar yvonne hobel says:


  7. avatar Ginnie Diomis says:

    STOP KILLING DOGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THEY FEEL THE PAIN – LIKE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. avatar tina braun says:

    can they say vaccinating or spay an neuter… this is a no brainier

  9. avatar Pinky80 says:

    Now would be the time to implement a system of birth control for the remaining dogs.
    They suffer being alive.
    In china they use sticks. Surely Peta has the $ to fund a poison that is more humane?

  10. avatar slrw says:

    Humans consistently demonstrate ignorance, cruelty, and complete stupidity – Animals feel physical and emotional pain the EXACT same way humans do – To treat an animal with any less respect than you would want another human to treat you or your own child, shows a complete lack of understanding and intelligence! It is so frustration to know the kind of cruelty that exists in this worlds.

    WAKE UP!! PAY ATTENTION!! And allow yourself to feel what you are putting these animals through!! Imagine yourself in pain, choking, sufficating … How does it feel?

  11. avatar namrata says:

    The Indonesian government better find a alternative for this if they are sane.
    This is a 3rd world country and their people have suffered a lot through poverty, through tsunami and what nots.
    The poor people are kind but the ones who rule the place are always showing off their power over helpless creatures.
    I pray that they change their mind atleast for the sake of their loved ones who some day will behave the same manner towards them.
    One cannot expect the world to be a better place and be good towards you if you yourself are a rotten person.
    Killing dogs mercilessly is perhaps the only way these loosers feel powerful and they are insane.
    They will have to stop and they will. Nobody will want to visit Bali and Myself NEVER.
    They can wait till the USD exchange reaches 15K Rupiah and there is No help from any AID agencies…. and lets see how miserable they become.
    You want others to be good to you, you be Good to everyone first,
    God Bless the Animal RIght Agents and give them power to stop this.

  12. avatar Ana Ferreira says:

    So sad. hope wecan do something about it.

  13. avatar HEIDI says:


  14. avatar Diane Levinson says:

    This is so horrible!!!! The Balinese should stop that now. This barbaric killing of these poor homeless dogs is a henious crime. The only crime these poor dog did was that they were homeless. BOYCOT BALI. DO NOT VISIT BALI till the treat these poor dogs humanely. I was planning to visit Bali but I will now not set foot in that place now.

  15. avatar Michelle Oliveira says:


    I cry cry cry…

  16. avatar DJ Palumbo says:

    This Is unethical Murder and curse all of coldhearted killers

  17. avatar Jodie nobbs says:

    My ex-neighbour killed 2 of my cats with rat poison…they suffered so much!!! Stop killing!!!

  18. avatar renzo plotegher says:


  19. avatar Keeta says:

    I think we should not go to “Bali”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of people do this????? You are killing dogs for no reason!!!!!!

  20. avatar Doris says:

    Q mal que ingratitud porque? Q pueden ser tan crueles que barrbaridad no hay razon! que bueno seria envenar a la gente que hace esto si les puede llamar gente.

  21. avatar Lisa says:


    If you had any idea about world culture, you would know that most Balinese people are Hindu, not Muslim. It is comments like this that incite racial and religious hatred. I hope you will think twice before posting your racist remarks next time!

  22. avatar ADRIENNE NORA LEIFER says:

    the man smiling next to these killings is :
    1. a bastard
    2. abuser of all mankind
    3. needs his balls cut off
    4. needs psyhicatric help big time
    5. to DIE and GO STRAIGHT DOWN TO HELL!!!!!!

  23. avatar ranjeet singh says:

    hey u foolish people…..y dont u use d same poison to kill ur country people to stop the population explosion

  24. avatar Mira says:

    How completely GROSS!!!! Surely there must be a less painfull way of achieving the same result!?!?

  25. avatar Adam Ross says:

    This needs to stop! all those people who kill animals like this will burn in hell! they have just as much right to live as we do as human beings.. and we do not have to right to choose who lives and who dies..
    i hope this is stopped soon.. and the people who caused this already.. i hope you rot in hell!

  26. avatar Anubhav Gupta says:

    let there be atleast one place in the world where animals are treated with kindness respect and love…let that place be yours…

  27. avatar Megankaye says:

    sick sick people in this world!!!!

  28. avatar Tiffany says:

    Killing a dog, because it has rabies, doesn’t seem like a problem, however, using a poison like Strychnine is just sick. If a dog has rabies, euthanize it using the euthanasia shot that doesn’t make the dog suffer. Adding more to the conclusion,people should really focus on spaying and neutering their pets, so that more wouldn’t end up on the streets getting rabies, then having to get killed. It’s ridiculous how many dogs get killed these days. There are vaccines for dogs that can protect them against many diseases such as rabies, but it seems like no one really bothers to care about whether or not to take care of the dogs and find him or her a home, they just kill it on the spot. Do they even know if the canines have rabies or not? Or do they kill them because they are too close minded and just believe in what they think? That question still seems to haunt me.

  29. avatar Rebekah Long says:

    Abolish Bali as a holiday destination and all goods coming from this so called ‘Paradise’ until this outrageous cruelty stops………….

  30. avatar Pixie G says:

    Country that’s oredi full of corruption and poverty. Yet this thing still happen. Not surprised. Dear PETA supporters,look at how rich the rich are and how poor the pAupers are. But wad help have they done. Now they are killing dogs. I have been to Bali and i assure, I’m boycotting it and definitely will spread more of this news till ur f up government do something. What goes ard comes ard. Whoever that initiated the culling of dogs or any other living things, they’ll get the sAme cos God is watching. Or whadever u Balinese belive in. Watch on pu**ns

  31. avatar Robyn Reichert says:

    End the cruelty!

  32. avatar Jeanne Wright says:

    Just when I thought I’d seen the worst in cruel treatment of animals!!! This defies any logic….how could ANY ONE choose such a horrendous method to control the homeless animals? Sick,cruel,and totally uncalled for…..

  33. avatar katja sonnenstuhl says:

    …shame, shame, shame…what went wrong with the people doing this…hope they`ll wake up soon – stop killing animals!!!

  34. avatar Ann L. says:

    It is a sad day when humans beings have to revert to poisoning for animals control!
    This is the 21st century. Ever heard of spay and neuter?

  35. avatar nadia rocha says:

    i can`t imagine how you going to die, we have a god who everything see,

  36. avatar CINDY COLLIER says:


  37. avatar rob says:

    you bastards!!!!! how can you be so cruel? the same treatment should be given to every last one of you. you effin moronic disgusting pieces of s–t. eff all of you. Dropdead

  38. avatar Jasmine Chen says:

    oh my god i cannot believe people are being so closed minded that they think this is appropriate. these “people” should have the same thing done to them and see how they flipping like it!


  39. avatar joe says:

    STOP NOW &…………………………..GOD MAY FORGIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  40. avatar christine wouters says:

    To the Indonesian government officials,
    what is happening in Bali to these poor dogs is unbelievable cruelty and their suffering is beyond human compassion, this is what really shocks me, I can feel their pain… I am English and have grown up with dogs, and my dogs have replaced the children that I have never been able to have… and you know it broke my heart when they died, my last one has appeared to me in spirit form in a photograph beside me, oh yes they have got a spirit just like us.

  41. avatar Lisa says:

    How stupid….is there a reason why you kill these poor innocent animals??what did they ever do to u??I hope this world really end in 2012 so everyone can die and you people go to the burning lava in hell and these animals have fun in heaven while they see the one who totrured them get tortured!!

  42. avatar Jasmine says:


  43. avatar Oberon says:

    Interesting. I believe this is the same inhuman, disgusting, filthy method that the Israelis use. Same scum, it seems, runs both countries. These innocent animals have done nothing wrong. Why should they suffer because of human indecency?

  44. avatar jane mumford says:

    Like every type of animal cruelty, this poisoning of unwanted dogs,whether rabied or not is absolutly barbaric and must stop. I doubt they’d even test them before causing their evil practice of using such a slow agonising poison to kill. Sadly some people perversely get a kick out of causing such misery to animals.These people have a huge lack of compassion,which will probably mean not just to animals, I like to travel, but wont be supporting this country! The goverment there needs to reconcider….BALI- NOT SUCH THE PARADICE ITS SOLD TO US AS!!! PLEASE BOYCOTT!!

  45. avatar jane mumford says:

    PETA, How can I become an active member, yeah sure I can send donations, but I want/need to be much more useful. can you give me some advice on how to become an active member. I am so passionate about animal welfare, but can blag,keep a low profile when required,use a camera etc, wot-ever it takes to help/speak up for animals.
    Also, I sent off my personal details to donate, PETA say they havent recieved them, but Im a bit concerned about sending them off into cyber-space again, incase same thing happens again….can you recheck?? much respect…xx

  46. avatar olivia magda says:

    i have a bali stray dog named Bimbi. I love Bali’s dogs and as an indonesian citizen, i’m
    protesting this stupid cruelty!

    Sttooopppp killlliiinggg theeem, they are not guilty!!!!!

  47. avatar Zachary says:

    The Balinese government/local authority responsible for this are worse than the dogs they kill. What can we expect from filthy pig like them with little respect for life. I’d like to see them accidentally shoot one of their own. I would be more than happy to film the human victim writhing in pain and gasping for his last breath.

  48. avatar SISKASARI says:

    if balinese keep doing this,i’ll post those videos to all my friends and other people all over the world,let them know how’s balinese acts.. and hope after that no one will come to bali again…
    i’m indonesian but lucky i’m born chinese..feel shame when i know my country like that!

  49. avatar theodore spachidakis says:

    Stop killing animals.

  50. avatar s sureck says:

    The only effective and humane way to control rabies outbreaks is through vaccination, and the group Bali Animal Welfare Association has been working tirelessly for mass vaccination of dogs throughout the island.


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