No Holiday for Animals
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No Holiday for Animals

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If you’re like me, you’ve finished Uni or college for the year. You’ll finally have loads of free time to do something excellent for animals. Remember: animals on factory farms, on fur farms, in laboratories and in circuses all around the world don’t get a summer holiday.

There are a million and one ways you can help animals this summer, and one of the best things about the struggle for animal rights is that there is something for you no matter what your strengths are.

I’d definitely recommend starting with a book for reading on the beach or in the airplane. PETA founder Ingrid E Newkirk has written my favourite animal liberation book, Free the Animals. But the PETA Catalog has loads of others to pick from.

Once you’re all swotted up, invite some friends ’round for a vegan barbeque, pot luck or bake-off. Show them how yummy your diet is! If, like me, you do like a good drink, though, be careful what booze you serve up. Check the label or go online to see if it’s vegan-friendly first.

All summer, PETA and loads of other groups will be organising demonstrations about a variety of issues. Sign up for the Action Team, and someone will call you up or e-mail you when an event is scheduled for your area.

Alternatively, look at World Animal Net to find your local animal rights group.

And then you could always volunteer or intern for PETA. It’s great fun. I started out by posting copies of PETA’s vegetarian/vegan starter kit, and by the end of my first day I was doing all sorts of research. You get to meet all of PETA’s friendly staffers and bloggers, and you’ll go home every day knowing you did something amazing for animals.

And if PETA’s office in London is too far to travel, you can do loads of activism from home by filling in an online petition or pledge, signing up for PETA e-mails or joining the US youth forums at (don’t worry, they have an international board for us Europeans).

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    I’m active all year round :)

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