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Another Reason to Go Vegan – You Can Help Save Animals AND the Rain Forest!

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Most people know that raising animals for food is grossly inefficient; whilst animals eat large quantities of grain, they produce only small amounts of meat, dairy products or eggs. Did you know it takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat?

According to a recent article, more than 350,000 hectares of rain forest are being cleared to grow soya beans, which are then shipped to British factory farms to feed animals who are treated like milk or egg machines or raised and … Read more.

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Victory for Bulls: Catalonia Bans Bullfighting!

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PETA – and everyone who cares about animals worldwide – is elated that the Catalan Parliament has banned bullfighting. It was clear that the tide had turned when 180,000 signatures were collected in support of the ban. The people have spoken: cruelty to animals – disguised as “tradition” – will no longer be tolerated. Various cities and towns across Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador have all recently declared themselves anti-bullfighting, and now Catalonia becomes the second Spanish region to ban bullfighting outright, after the Canary … Read more.

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It’s Time for the MoD to Embrace Faux Fur

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently released a statement claiming that for the past several years, the skins used to make The Queen’s Guards’ distinctive bearskin caps now come from brown bears, not black ones. Sometime during the course of PETA’s campaign, they say, a switch was made.

One might well ask, “So what?” It is unlikely that bears care what colour they are when they are being shot for their hides, and it makes no difference to PETA if the MoD are using the skins from black, brown or, for … Read more.

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The Story Behind the Statistics

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Today, the government has released its annual statistics on animal experiments. These are the dry figures which represent the imprisonment, suffering and deaths of legions of helpless animals in the UK’s 200 or so laboratories. There’s a lot of information in these figures, but none of it can convey the pain of a mouse genetically engineered to grow tumours, the pathetic confusion of a brain-damaged monkey who awakes from anaesthesia to find her arm paralysed or the terror of a pig facing repeated surgery. Sadly, the list of … Read more.

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Stella McCartney Helps Spread the Olympics’ Message of Peace and Respect – to Animals

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I can’t say the 2012 Olympics has filled me with much excitement up until now (I’m not very sporty), but that all changed when I heard the fantastic news that none other than Stella McCartney had been chosen to design the uniforms that will be worn by the British Olympic and Paralympics teams. So you know what that means: our athletes will be going for gold without having to wear the skins of cows as part of their official kits!

Most leather comes from developing countries such … Read more.

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Foot Bull

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In case you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t, where have you been?), Spain is the new proud winner of the World Cup. Everyone at PETA UK has been going football crazy this season, but there is one sport still carried out in Spain that really drives us mad!

I’m talking about bullfighting – not that it can in any way actually be called a “sport” or even a “fight”, for that matter. From the moment a bull is selected to enter the bullfighting arena, his fate … Read more.

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Happy Animals, Happy Kids

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Earlier this week I saw some video footage which broke my heart. Having volunteered for animals for years now, I’m becoming hardened to the things I see, but this was upsetting in so many ways.

It was a YouTube video which someone had recorded at a British circus during the 2010 season. All the footage was from the ring, what the circus were proud for you to see. It was distressing. I won’t link to it here, but there are plenty of videos on YouTube that show similar … Read more.

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Victory for Fish – Who Are Smarter Than You Think!

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We were horrified to learn that Fish/KMI Brands recently sent a gift of live goldfish to Now magazine with the message “Love me, don’t flush me”. So I’m very happy and relieved to say that after PETA contacted Fish/KMI, it pledged never to pull such a stunt again.

This public-relations gimmick was cruel and unacceptable and must have caused great distress to the fish involved. Fish are wonderful animals and are far more clever than most people think. Hundreds of scientific studies prove that fish are interesting and … Read more.

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Buffing Up

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I’m buffing up. I’ve bought some lovely vegan running shoes (because cows are cool and killing them is cruel), and so far this week, I’ve already run 11 miles. I feel great! I wonder if I could say the same if I was weighed down with all the fat a meat-eater has in their diet?

I eat a healthy and varied vegan diet, so I know that I’m getting everything I need without any of the negative effects and health risks that meat-eaters face every time they … Read more.

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Diary of a PETA Photographer – Pamplona 2010

When I was asked to go to Pamplona for PETA to photograph the 2010 PETA and AnimaNaturalis anti-bullfighting demonstration, I knew it would be long and tiring trip in hot temperatures to a city that holds one of the most outdated, cruel events – the Running of the Bulls. But I also knew that my discomfort would be nothing compared to the suffering that bulls endure in bullfights and during the run.

Arriving the day before the planned demonstration, which is held annually two days before the Running of the Bulls, … Read more.