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‘Viva Vegan!’

Carla, a friend of mine from The Perseus Books Group, always chooses the best times to send me their latest published offerings to keep me busy in my evenings and train journeys. The most recent book I’ve been sent is Viva Vegan! by the bestselling co-author of Veganomicon, Terry Hope Romero – and it’s quite apt that it arrived just after I’d worked my way through most of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.

As Romero’s first solo cookbook, Viva Vegan! is the ultimate guide for anyone looking for a new way to add fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic Latino spice to their meals without relying on animal products.

Having tried the majority of the excellent Latin recipes from the “Vegan Asado: Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan” section (yes, I’m a tofu addict), I really wanted to share this with you guys.

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  1. avatar Kirsty Moloney says:

    1- TOFU!!! It can be flavoured with anything, added to everything and tastes amazing everytime.
    2- Egg replacer/baking powder. It enables me to keep making lovely sticky cakes that taste better than any others as no animals were harmed or even slightly upset in the baking of them…
    3-mushrooms. Take the place of meat in any dish and are very tasty.
    4-coconut milk. Can be used to make awesome ice-cream!
    5- cocoa powder. Means that added to soy milk, I still get my bedtime hot-chocolate plus it’s cruelty free so I sleep even better now!

  2. My 5 favourite animal-friendly cooking ingrediants

    1. Nutritional Yeast – I love this as it gives a cheesy flavour to sauces. It’s also great added to mash potato. Best is to put in a food processor with cashews and garlic powder and blended to make a brilliant vegan cheese powder to add to popcorn, pasta, chips….

    2. Vital Wheat Gluten – great for making fake ‘meats’. I use to make sausages, spare ‘ribs’, cutlets and jerky.

    3. Flax seeds – perfect egg substitute for baking. You can keep them in the freezer so they are long lasting and perfect to use in a pinch for baking cakes, muffins….

    4. Quinoa – I love this grain, it has a wonderful nutty flavour and is perfect to use in place of rice in most recipes. It is also high in protein so great choice for vegans and veggies

    5. Tofu – I really love this, there are so many types and it’s so versitle. I use silken tofu blended as an egg substitute for baking. Silken can also be blended for a variety of dips and sauces and dressings. Firm tofu can be marinated in any number of flavours to fry up. I also love to slice firm tofu into thin strips and marinate with soy sauce, tomato paste, crushed garlic and liquid smoke for tofu bacon

  3. avatar Amber Logan-Rayne says:

    1: Tofu…has to be, it’s sooo versatile, tasty and has that meaty texture as well as the nutrition as a suitable meat substitute.
    2: Mushrooms…wow, again, they are meaty, tasty and can be blitzed for dips/sauces/spreads and sliced for casseroles/stir fries/pies and kept whole for stuffing!!
    3: Wild rice…just love it to accompany my tofu/mushrooms/sauces as it has some bite to it.
    4: Almonds…nutritionally fantastic, great whole as a snack…cover in cocoa sauce or maple sauce for a treat or ground up in cakes/buns…yum-yum!
    5: Rice milk…a personal fave as I don’t like the taste of soya milk, rice milk is just like skimmed ‘dairy’ milk…fantastic with cereal, porridge..and doesn’t make your coffee go funny!

  4. avatar KT says:

    Tough question! Ok, here goes, my top 5 animal-friendly ingredients are:

    1. Dried soya pieces – you can buy these in bulk, they’re cheap and you can use them in a range of dishes as they soak up the flavour of the sauces/juices you use.

    2. Pasta – easy to cook, easy to eat! And you can shove it with anything from salads to curry!

    3. Chocolate – (milk-free of course) Come on, chocolate should go with everything!!

    4. Pineapple – Ok, I admit I’m bit obsessed with this fruit! You can use it in cakes and other sweet dishes, put it in a smoothie, have it on your brekkie (fresh or dried), eat it as a snack or use it in sweet & sour main dishes.

    5. Cinnamon – I love adding this spice to dishes to give them some extra flavour, and it can be used in sweet or savoury recipes. I’ve currently been enjoying it in my night-time hot cocoa!

  5. avatar Lisa Sullivan says:

    1. Quinoa – this little grain kick started me from veg to vegan, fave salad with blueberries, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and pommegranite dressing. Also on Weight watchers it points like a protein but eats like a carb!

    2.Soy non-dairy cream cheese or sour cream… all our previous dairy based meals vanilla soy yogurt and soy cream cheese makes a killer cheesecake, or the soy sour cream for stroganoffs

    3. nutritional yeast, we put this on just about everything, my salads have levelled up to the big time! not to mention as a topping on our vegan pizzas!

    4. red peppers, crunchy in salads, as a meal stuffed, or roasted on sandwiches with hummous, or in pasta

    5. the humble chick pea.. hummous, in soups, in pastas, and become a lunch staple with our not tuna tuna sandwiches (vegan mayonaise, dill, salt n pepper)

  6. avatar Tara McLoughlin says:

    My 5 faves are:

    1. Cashews – I love cooking with cashews! They make a great “cream” sauce for pastas, etc.

    2. Tofu – Oh tofu, how I love thee. Soft, firm, extra firm, deep fried — you name it, I love it all! It’s just so veratile. Yum.

    3. Almond Milk – I use almond milk in anything that calls for milk as well as on my cereal every morning. It doesn’t have that pasty flavour that some soy milks have.

    4. Ground Flaxseed – I use ground flax seed for all of my baking in place of eggs. I has never failed me. And it’s good for you too!

    5. Daiya “cheese” – This is my new love. I never really missed cheese when I became vegan, but it’s a real treat to have a ooey gooey pizza and quesadillas!

  7. avatar Liam says:

    1. Seaweed! – Of course it’s a good source of vitamins and is used in lots of Japanese recipes, which makes it okay. But without seaweed we wouldn’t have agar, and without agar we wouldn’t have as many deserts (which have to be the best part of any meal ;D )

    2. Cocoa – It makes things taste like chocolate. No explanation needed.

    3. Tempeh – I would say tofu, but for me tempeh has a little for flavour of its own while obviously still easily being flavored really easily. Plus it’s a great source of protein so can be just one of many answers when meat and dairy-eaters (usually overweight ones) ask “where do you get your protein” in that annoying tone!

    4. Flour – it must be the most boring choice possible, but without flour there would be no cupcakes!!! Vegan cupcakes wouldn’t be able to take over the world without it.

    5. Quinoa – Once known as “the gold of the Incas”; has to be good! It contains all nine amino acids (protein, yay!) and more importantly can be used to make so many delicious things! I love lots of the recipes Christy Morgan (The Blissful Chef) has used quinoa in.

  8. avatar Sam O says:

    1. Pine kernels – toasted. Make every meal feel like a treat.
    2. Spinach – can’t get enough of it! And its good for you too.
    3. Cherry tomatoes – small sweet and a perfect treat.
    4. Oats – bircher muesli, porridge, flapjacks, on a crumble.
    5. Raisins – I use them to make everything sweet but to avoid processed sugar. Best of all in salads and curries.

  9. avatar Candace Selph says:

    1. Tofu – takes on the flavor you want, versatile in texture allowing it to be used in so many different ways.
    2. Black Salt – makes tofu have an eggy flavor making omelets and deviled “eggs” possible again
    3. Nutritional Yeast – makes everything a little cheezy and gives you B12
    4. Seitan – a non-soy based protein that is super versatile and helpful when cooking for non-vegans.
    5. Baked potatoes – even if there are no other options at a restaurant, if they have baked potatoes, I can eat

  10. avatar katherine grieve says:

    mushrooms – have them instead of a steak, or serve with garlic

    smoked tofu – gorgeous used instead of chicken

    aubergines – stuffed with rice and mixed veg or just roasted and served chopped in salads

    potatoes – what cant be done with a potato!

    black pepper – adds a kick to anything

  11. avatar korky says:

    tofu, versatile
    tvp, makes great spag bog
    herbs from the garden, great for flavouring
    spinach, can be used in most dishes
    pasta, can be served with most things

  12. avatar sarah bailey says:

    1. Broccolli- Good source for crunchiness and has calcium in it. Fantastic piece of fibre

    2. Potatoes- Serves many purposes and can’t go wrong with them, make for a filling meal

    3. Peppers- As mentioned they are great stuffed or in a salad. Lovely on a warm piece of bread with a drizzle of olive oil.

    4. Tomatos- A good base for a sauce!! My favourite food especially when home grown

    5. Sunflower seeds- They seem to keep me going!Again highly nutritiousand are packed with healthy fats, proteins, fibers, minerals, vitamin E, and phytochemicals

  13. avatar Georgina Ball says:

    Mushrooms – So versatile and tasty!

    Quinoa – Again so very versatile!

    Soya milk – Well what else would I have in my tea!

    Tofu – Again so versatile, I love experimenting with different flavouring and marinades!

    Peas – Not just chick peas – any peas. All mashed up with a pinch of salt – delicious!

  14. avatar Nick D says:

    1. Raisins – Useful sweeteners and taste nice alone as well

    2. Lentils – helpful ‘filler’ food

    3. Pasta – everything goes with it!

    4. Tofu – Impossible to cook badly or wrong!!

    5. Onion – Adds flavour to foods

  15. avatar Steven Cadman says:

    Rice milk- IMO, tastes much better than soy milk. Great for my breakfast cereal.

    Lentils- for lentil curry (daal). Great source of vitamins, easy to make, and tastes fab!

    Mushrooms- easy way to make any dish tastier (fried rice, risotto, pasta dishes).

    Tomato- a must for freshly made pasta sauces.

    Potato- versatile, easy to cook, staple of my diet. Great mixed with cabbage and other veg and then fried (‘bubble & squeak’).

  16. avatar Sue P says:

    Herbs and spices – to flavour my favourite dishes
    Garlic – whether making garlic bread, raw in a salad, or cooked in a stew or stirfry, it’s heavenly
    Tofu – marinated for stirfries and plain for other savoury dishes and even to make a ‘whipped cream’ for trifles
    Bell peppers – great for pizzas, for filling and roasting, raw in salads, or cooked in stews or stirfries
    Malt – to make heavenly malted milk with sugar and soya milk

  17. avatar kayleigh beirne says:

    Courgettes – provide lovely chunkiness to sauces
    mushrooms – bake them, stumm them, fry them! Gorgeous!
    tomatoes – a great base for curries & casseroles!
    soya milk – I use this in all my baking and they still come up just as pretty as in the picture :-D
    Vegan spread – how would toast survive without it?

  18. avatar Caryne Pearce says:

    1. Tofu.. just can’t be beaten for versatility, I use it several times a week and my whole family love it.
    2. Engevita Yeast Flakes (Nutritional Yeast) – adds a lovely ‘cheesy-savoury’ taste to mashed potates and sauces plus lots of B Vitamins
    3. Marmite (Yeast Extract) – nothing is better on toast and makes a great hot drink too
    4. Tempeh – great fried up for a lovely sandwich with ketchup and lettuce
    5. Cheezly ‘Vegan’ Melting Mozarella – for brilliant, vegan, ‘cheese’ on toast and pizza topping.

  19. avatar Maxine says:

    1. smoked tofu/fake chorizo – give that lovely smokey flavour to anything

    2. got to be fresh seasonal veggies – particularly into courgettes at the moment, but happy to eat anything out of the garden!

    3. a good variety of herbs and spices – essential for any cook

    4. lots of vinegars and oils – again boost the flavour of most dishes – love apple balsamic vinegar!

    5. bread! can’t live without it!

  20. avatar Julie says:

    1.dark chocolate..good for you and yummy.
    2.ginger..zingy. them.
    4.rocket..i can eat loads.
    5.curry powder..make anything plain into a curry.

  21. 1. Tofu for it’s versaltility and great source of protein
    2. Nutritional yeast for the good vitamins and cheesy flavours
    3. Sweet potatoes, they just taste so great
    4. Agave syrup, a sweetner without the blood sugar spike
    5. Rocket, bitter flavours to balance the meal

  22. avatar Andrea says:


    all are versatile and tasty

  23. avatar Roydon says:

    top 5 animal friendly products…
    1. Bananas – I’m rather experimental with food and I have found that you can do rather a lot with the simple banana, you can make a sandwich, a not-so-attractive looking ice-cream topping or even spicy chilli flavoured crisps. Or you could just eat it :)
    2. Chilli Sauce – I love chilli sauce! I put it on everything from noodles to wraps. Not only does it make a meal more interesting it also speeds up your metabolism (a big plus when dieting).
    3. Sweetcorn – Best vegetable ever! I could eat sweetcorn all day and night, once I got hungry so I had a bowl of sweetcorn with chilli sauce, it was amazing and strangely balanced.
    4. Cous Cous – So easy to make, wholesome and filling. Brilliant for the slow release of energy and will be my food staple for uni. A large plus is that you can be so varied with it, eat it hot, cold, as a salad, spicy, mild etc…
    5. Onion – can be used in any dish ever. It’s a little strange but… when I was younger my mother would tell me off for picking up her onions and eating them like apples. I obviously rather enjoyed onion… and still do, but not to the extent where I’d eat them like I used to… :P

  24. avatar Dawn says:

    Oats – great with hot water and fruit, quick filing snack
    Nut and seed ‘muslei’ (including ground flaxseed) with hot water and fruit for breakfast
    Rice – very versatile
    Baked potatoes – had some this evening, easy and filling and versatile
    Seasonal fruit and veg that we get in our organic box

  25. avatar martin says:

    Tofu – so versatile.
    Beans – cheating a bit, because there are so many beans for every occasion.
    Potatoes – chips, baked potatoes, mash, roasties, rosti, crisps, etc.
    Broccoli – my favourite vegetable. steamed with a dinner, or stir-fried, or in a curry. yum.
    Smoked paprika – delicious flavouring and spice for chillis and more.

  26. avatar Jenny O'Neil says:

    1. Patience – You’ll need a heaping helping if you’re as awful a cook as me. ;)
    2. Beans – Excellent source of protein; can be used in many dishes.
    3. Vegan Cheese – Can be added to most anything for taste and substance.
    4. Vegenaise – Never thought I’d taste mayonnaise again. This was a gift from God.
    5. Soymilk – Great for cooking, baking, and of course, cereal (the one recipe I can actually handle).


  27. avatar Amanda says:

    Daiya vegan cheese and nutritional yeast (because I loved cheese and I like the tastes these add to foods), soymilk and soy “dairy” products (because they are so versatile and some can actually fool omnivores), and sodelicious soy ice cream (because it’s just really good and ice cream goes with anything)

  28. avatar romaine says:

    mushrooms – love them baked or adding them to almost any dish

    cous cous – easy to make, goes with almost everything and you can add almost anything to it to jazz it up

    banana’s – great as a pudding… cut it open and stick it on a bbq (and add vegan chocolate/cherrys/alcohol… most amazing vegan pudding ever!)

    pasta – as a poor student this one has to be on the list! its cheap, cheerful and easy to cook!

    Marmite!! love the stuff! cant live without it!

  29. avatar Carole Eden says:

    Soy milk, as it is so versatile and goes on my porridge or cereal or in smoothies or almost anything.
    Peppers, can be put into almost any savory dish and make it taste fantastic.
    Onions for the same reason as above.
    Yeast, the powdered nutritional type, goes on pasta and tomatoe sauce and tastes just great, and good for you too!
    Bananas, my favourite quick snack, in soy milk as a smoothie, on cereal, on its own, in a sandwich, sliced in soy custard, yum!

  30. avatar Kevin says:

    1. Onions – they go with everything. Try putting a quarter of a raw onion into mashed potato and it transforms the taste.

    2. Pasta – makes a salad dish a bit more filling

    3. Chillis – just don’t put too many in the dish!

    4. Carrots. Don’t slice them into 20p pieces and boil them to smithereens. Cut them into chip sized pieces, about the size of a little finger, and simmer them in with a spoonful of vegetable stock – yummy.

    5. Mushrooms – again don’t cut them up into tiny pieces and lose the flavour. Try some exotic varieties too.

  31. avatar Ian Jones says:

    1) Onions – the basis of most of my cooking, a fantstic ‘building block’

    2) Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil – see above

    3) Garlic – absolutely essential to everything (I’d have to take it to a Desert Island!)

    4) Chickpeas – fantstically versatile

    5) Tofu – brilliant flavour absorber (getting more and more difficult to get hold of decent stuff now Cauldron have changed the recipe and supermarkets opt for the foul, non-vegan quorn)

  32. avatar Jay says:

    marinated Tofu – Its the best thing ever! Can use it in anything

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