Is Boris Going To Reward Vegan Restaurants?
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Is Boris Going To Reward Vegan Restaurants?

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So Boris Johnson has announced a £3 million scheme to reward low-carbon neighbourhoods. I’m hoping this means he will reward some of London’s amazing vegan restaurants for doing their part to clean up the planet. If so, perhaps even more great animal-friendly establishments will start popping up around the city.

The meat and dairy industries are damaging our planet. In fact, the United Nations has said that the meat industry produces more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars in the world. So Boris would be bonkers not to recognise what an important step going vegan is when it comes to saving the planet – not to mention the numerous animals who would otherwise suffer at the hands of the meat industry.

As a student in London, I don’t always have enough money to eat out, but when I do, this is a great place to do it.

London has been blessed with loads of little vegan eateries that are spread all across the city. And if, like me, you are on a budget, you probably know that the “no set fee” Loving Hut in Camden is a great example of how easily accessible vegan food is. The owners want you to pay what you think their food is worth, and believe me, if I had a million pounds to spare, I’d gladly give a huge chunk of my fortune to them for every meal I eat there. The restaurant features a huge host of vegan burgers, wraps, cakes and cream as well as a large buffet.

As for places to find snacking meals, my favourite must be Mamma’s Jerk Stall on Brick Lane on a Saturday or Sunday. Ask for the veggie bean-cake wrap (without the mayo to make it totally vegan). You can have it as hot as you want too!

Of course, I’m always on the lookout for new places to try. So anything you could tell me about your favourite hidden vegan gems would be very welcome.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    If you ever visit the north east then check out The Waiting Room, it’s a great veg*n restaurant (although a bit pricey), or Dosa Houze which sell delicious and authentic Indian food.

  2. avatar Aran says:


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