Giant 'Seal' Wants to Speak With Canadian PM Stephen Harper
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Giant ‘Seal’ Wants to Speak With Canadian PM Stephen Harper

Anyone walking past the Canadian Embassy in London last week could not have failed to notice a giant “seal” standing outside the main entrance holding a sign that read, “Harper: Stop the Seal Slaughter”, in protest of Canada’s annual seal massacre.

The protest was timed to coincide with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to London to meet with newly appointed British Prime Minister David Cameron.

During the slaughter, tens of thousands of baby seals are bludgeoned to death whilst other pups destined to suffer the same fate look on helplessly. Sealers often use their hakapik to hook these defenceless babies in the eyes, cheeks or mouth to avoid damaging the animals’ fur. They then drag the seals across the ice to be skinned, sometimes whilst the animals are still conscious.

Canada’s seal slaughter – the largest massacre of marine mammals on Earth – faces overwhelming global condemnation. The European Union and the US have both banned the import and sale of seal products, and leading figures such as US President Barack Obama and His Holiness The Dalai Lama have spoken out against the massacre.

With the value of seal pelts plummeting because of the international rejection of this violent industry, it’s time that Prime Minister Harper put an end to the bloody seal slaughter and to the damage that it continues to inflict on Canada’s reputation. Until that day, PETA and our affiliates will make sure a giant seal will continue to follow Harper wherever he goes, serving as a constant and shameful reminder of the blood on his hands.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Why is such barbarity allowed to continue?!

  2. avatar sarah says:

    I fully agree, its a shame all our government can seem to show concern for is ways to make more money from us, and giving people more rights.. not sure if you know but now alcoholism is classed as a disability so people can now claim more benefits from the government who make money from things like this…. its an outrage that we are still taking part in these age old activities… and dont get me started on animal testing….. prisons are overcrowded costing us money day by day, so what do the government do to cut these costs… they lower the jail time for crimes… i have a answer. use these people for testing… but wait… we can’t do that of course as criminals have rights, more rights than a beautiful and rare creature like the seal….

  3. avatar KC says:

    It is digusting what they do to seals in Canada, such intelligent animals being beaten to death by insensitive, greedy morons. If I was there, it wouldn’t be the seals i’d bludgeon!

  4. avatar D.Davies says:

    Sadly, it’s because most people don’t care what happens to animals. Also why is it not broadcast on the news, showing what these brainless low lifes do, to the seals. It would be horrific to watch,but it would be a wake up call for most people/countries. and if enough people were to protest/object, maybe we will get this horrific ,bloodshed stopped for good. sure hope so.

  5. avatar sarah says:

    i agree with you D.Davies… but how can we get this issue dealt with.. if anyone wants to suggest something i’m fully up for it..

  6. avatar genevieve says:

    why do Canadians allow this. It has been proven that people power can make changes. We all need to stand and be counted against the dispicable actions of all the worlds creatures ……such as the Japanese slaughtering of whales, South Korean beating of dogs to make their meat tender for eating, the abuse of circus animals in China…the list goes on….it astounds me and reminds me that we are the most violent and sickening of all animals even towards ourselves. Thank the universe that organizations such as Peta, WWF and many more are in existance…it gives me hope for our species and especially for other living creatures. thankyou Peta for your work…its now my time to get involved.

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