9p Noodles
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9p Noodles

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Question: What do 9p noodles from Sainsbury’s, £1 worth of Redwood sandwich slices from Morrisons and a packet of Bourbons have in common?

They’re all sitting in my kitchen right now.

Fact: Student food is bad. Other fact: Vegan student food is a million times better. Vegetables are cheap and easy to cook, and their production doesn’t cause animal suffering!

It’s a common misconception that it is expensive to be a vegan student. I follow a strict vegan diet for around £25 a week. You can get soya milk for as little as 60p a litre, and Sainsbury’s does a cider suitable for vegans for only £1.20 (nasty but nice).

There really isn’t any excuse not to go vegan.

And even if you’re a bad chef, you need not panic.

I’m not a great cook, but vegan food keeps me healthy. Meat is bloody and often contains harmful bacteria, and by not eating it, I keep myself in much better health than anyone else I live with – while saving animals’ lives in the process. I reckon if everyone ate one vegan meal a week (like on Meat-Free Monday, for example), we could all save a bit of money, help save the environment and save some animals too.

I’ll give you the recipe for a personal favourite. I reckon it costs under £3 per head.

Easy Stir-Fry
Put some rice on first. Choose your favourite vegetable and chop it up before you start cooking. Add one ingredient after another into a wok (or frying pan if your flatmate lost your wok – cheers, Vanessa) with enough oil to cover it. If you want to splash out, try cooking a fake meat (our vegetarian/vegan starter kit can give you a few ideas). Unlike cooking with real meat, you can add fake meat last because it cooks pretty quickly. Add a ready-made sauce from any supermarket. Bon appétit!

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  1. avatar KT says:

    Lol, my kitchen cupboard is full of those 9p Sainsbury’s noodles! They’re perfect for a quick snack or part of a meal. Plus all my friends love having them after a few drinks!!

  2. avatar icedbun says:

    All this avoiding meat is great and I like some vegetarian food but where do you get vitamin B12 from?

  3. avatar cloudsurfer says:

    for vitamin b12, you should be totally fine as long as you get 2 hours of daylight a day and eat enough beans, pulses and veg, especially green veg :)

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