PETA Calls On Lord Lloyd-Webber to Choose a Rescued 'Toto'
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PETA Calls On Lord Lloyd-Webber to Choose a Rescued ‘Toto’

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The finals of the BBC’s Over the Rainbow are airing this weekend. I’ve been watching the show avidly since the beginning, but in all honesty, I don’t really have a strong opinion when it comes to who should win the role of Dorothy – it’s the auditions for the part of Toto that I’ve been following!

As soon as it was announced that Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber was holding auditions to find a dog to star in a one-off gala performance of The Wizard of Oz, I wrote to him asking that he choose a rescue dog for the part. Every time someone buys a dog from a breeder or a pet store, an animal languishing in an animal shelter loses his or her chance at getting a new lease on life. By choosing a rescue dog from the thousands who auditioned to play Toto, Lord Lloyd-Webber would not only be sending a positive message to the public but would also create a wonderful ambassador for the thousands of dogs who are currently dying in animal shelters because of a lack of good homes.

I know that my letter was also forwarded to the show’s producers, and the good news is that there are at least two rescue dogs in the final five. You can’t vote for a Toto (the judges will make the final decision), but I’ll be watching the show this weekend with my own rescue dog, Zack, and rooting for either Missy or Troy. Keep your fingers – and paws – crossed for the rescued contestants!

You can also help to end the animal overpopulation problem, sign our pledge promising never to buy an animal from a breeder or a pet shop.

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  1. avatar KT says:

    I really hope ALW takes notice, if rescue dogs are good enough for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf then they’re definitely good enough to be a stage star!

  2. avatar olive long says:

    please play the part of compassion for the sake of all dogs. you will be blessed!

  3. avatar dean, coventry says:

    Well done for coming this far go recognition of how valuable the lives of rescue dogs are, myself and my partner have 3 rescue dogs for exactly that reason, our 3 beauties give us all the rewards and pleasures of being dog owners and i wouldn’t change them for the world. . . . Say yeah for the homeless pouches!

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