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Behind the Scenes in the Pet Trade

© Don Feare

Because most people love their animal companions and want to do their best for them, it’s easy to forget that animal companions, too, can be the victims of routine, profit-driven cruelty. Buying animals can have terrible consequences for cats and dogs in animal shelters, but that’s not the only problem. There is a lot of money to be made from the “pet” trade, and that means that animals are going to suffer, just as they do in factory farming and other industries that consider animals to be sources of … Read more.

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More Taxes Please!

© / DNY59

With pressure mounting as the 6th May General Election grows ever nearer, there’s a great deal of conflicting opinion about which tax proposals will help restore Britain’s failing economy. However, all the proposals I’ve seen have failed to include the one tax I would love to see introduced: an excise duty on meat, milk and eggs. Taxing “flesh foods” and animal secretions will help save animals, halt climate change and other environmental problems and reduce the crippling costs of meat consumption that burden the National Health Service.

Consumers … Read more.